Perfect curing of pain,
touch sense issues,
and all types of
side effects

Fashion model from Paris

  • Urszula’s Real Story for Microthane Subfascial Breast Augmentation

  • I have perfect body with nine-head-figure as a model. But only one thing I haven't had yet was an ample bosom.
    I couldn't decide to get surgery easily, because it's related to my job and there might have some side effect and recovery time.
    But I heard that there will be no pain and less recovery time with Microthane Subfascial Breast augmentation and
    no need to worry about capsular contracture which is the most common side effect after breast implant.
    I finally decided to have breast augmentation in LaPrin,
    even though I was allowed only three days for surgery because of lots of shooting schedule.
    I was so worried because it was my first time to get plastic surgery in my life. But the day after the surgery,
    I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am at this result.
    Thank You Doctor!!

    Although it was not even 3 months since I've had the surgery,
    this perfect body line allows me to build my new career with various concepts!

    - E-mail from Urszula -

Let's look through at her breast condition before surgery,
and how it operated with Microthane implants.

  • Her condition before surgery : Unsuitable thoracic size for large implants
    High profile 240cc with Microthane
    As a fashion model with many of underarm exposure, chose sub-mammary incision instead of underarm
    Sub-fascial placement position

Safe Breast Plastic Surgery

  • After 1~3 days

    On the day of surgery, I met
    my friends I haven't seen in
    a long while, and I had good
    dinner with them.
    On the third day, I felt a slight
    pressure on my breast ,
    but it didn’t hurt at all.

  • After 7days

    I was in good condition for
    photo shot right after arriving
    at my home. Because my
    shape and cleavage looks
    natural I was able to take
    a bikini shoot as well.

  • After 12days

    When either laying or standing,
    the shape was natural and
    getting better with time.
    Even I've had more confidence
    because when I just wear
    normal T-shirt, style of dressing
    was much nicer.

  • After 1 month

    I didn’t touch my breast for a
    month post-surgery because
    I was afraid of the possible
    effects or complications.
    Nonetheless, It was amazing!
    It feels real, looks natural and
    movement looks really normal.

  • After 2 months

    Now I am so happy with my
    volume of breast. I'm able to
    wear revealing clothes
    confidently. The only thing
    that I consider was solved
    so I've recently gotten lots of
    schedule for photo shot.

Before and after photos taken by herself

She dreamed of a glamorous model, Dream came true at LaPrin

  • Can I become more beautiful without worrying about side effects?

  • No. 1 reason why breast augmentation at LaPrin is unique

18 years of accumulated knowhow
in breast surgery!

LaPrin Microthane Subfascial Breast Augmentation
is a step above general breast augmentation!

No –more capsular contracture!
No need for revision operations!

LaPrin is a Microthane implant specialist clinic.
We only use the safest implants which are made of Microthane

What is LaPrin Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

  • It is well published that capsular contracture is the most common complication of breast augmentation.
    Implants coated with Microthane® have been developed to minimize the rate of capsular contracture,
    as well as reduce implant dislocation and rotation. This is a wise decision because patients can avoid requiring
    repeat surgery at considerable additional cost for a complication that may have been avoided by using Microthane.
    Most of the advantages are natural feel and movement by promoting tissue adhesion to the implant. Furthermore,
    with over 18 years of experience of breast surgery, our patients can have ideal breasts with less pain and a fast recovery.

Guarantee for up to 10 years
in case of a capsular contracture
LaPrin promises you healthy breasts for life!

For up to 10 years post-op free replacement implant/s
in case of grade 3 or 4 capsular contracture
This guarantee is impossible unless the rate of capsular contracture with Mirocthane is 0%.

One thing that LaPrin has been adhering to
for the past 18 years is safety.

Anesthesiologist + plastic Surgeon
+ LaPrin Special Breast Medical Team Cooperative system

  • We offer safe and efficient surgery by the LaPrin Special Breast Medical Team consisting of a specialist in each field.

  • 01

    We provide 1: 1
    customized consultation
    before surgery

  • 02

    Systematic examination
    and prediction with
    advanced equipment

  • 03

    Breast surgeon

Real-time monitoring by anesthesiologist

  • We proceed safe operation in a sterile operating room where the external pollution element
    is completely blocked during the operation under the anesthesiologist’s observation.

  • Advanced surgical equipment and systems
    to improve the accuracy of surgery

  • We provide safe and precise surgery using advanced surgical equipment that can reduce bleeding and cause much less pain

  • Vesalius

    This machine simultaneously makes excisions and stops hemorrhaging,
    so that pain and recovery time can be significantly reduced.

Staltz endoscope
  • Staltz endoscope

    It's possible to perform safe and precise surgery because we can check inside
    of the condition through an endoscope with the naked eye.

Keller Funnel 2
  • Keller Funnel 2

    Short and safe insertion of the implant minimizes unnecessary bleeding
    and shortens the recovery period.

  • Isn’t breast augmentation the same wherever you go?

  • No. 2 reason why LaPrin breast augmentation is unique

    LaPrin suggests a customized surgery plan that is most suitable for our clients rather than a standardized procedure.
    In particular, LaPrin Subfascial Breast Augmentation prefers a sub-fascial placement position, unlike general breast augmentation.
    This is unique in Korea. Our patients can have natural breast shape and movement with less pain and fast recovery.

Secret of Subfascial Breast Augmentation,
Breast Surgery with Quick Recovery

With the quick recovery that you’ll experience at LaPrin, you can return to your daily routine within a day of your surgery!

Sub-fascial placement
that gives a natural feel

Sub-fascial placement
that gives a natural feel

Minimize tissue damage
by using Vesalius

Minimize tissue damage
by using Vesalius

By anesthesiologist

By anesthesiologist

All New Natural Feel!
Microthane implants make your
breasts both look and feel great!

It has been reported in various articles, that Microthane implants feel
“warmer” and “less alien” than other breast implants.
What is known is this - capsular contracture causes a firm or
hard capsule around the implant. If the capsule is contracture free,
it will feel soft and more natural. This leads to a more natural feel post-augmentation.
Polyurethane implants are made with silicone gel,
the same silicone gel as used in smooth and textured implants.
This means the feel of the implants should be about the same,
but an improved capsule should provide a better,
more natural feel than a Polyurethane implant.

  • Actual Patient who has had
    LaPrin Subfascial Breast Augmentation

  • Can this be performed on anyone of any body shape?

  • No. 3 reason why LaPrin is unique!

  • 3D Vectra body-shape
    analysis system

  • Vectra technology generates actual 3D models of
    the implants you select and calculates a realistic outcome based
    on gravity and the shape and placement of the selected implant.

  • Having a meticulous consultation
    with a breast specialist
    before surgery

  • Based on the data from Vectra, we choose the ideal breast size
    and implant and make a personalized surgery plan.

  • Subfascial breast augmentation
    even in cases of breast

  • It is also effective for uncommon cases
    such as funnel breast, pigeon breast and flaccid breast

  • Before & After

Before & After