Make a pointed nose tip in 10 minutes

Nose surgery

Operation time

Operation time

10 minutes






Discharge on
the day of surgery

Recovery time

Recovery time

No downtime

Stitch out

Stitch out

Not required

Minimally invasive nose surgery developed by LaPrin Clinic.

LaPrin’s mini nose surgery

  • 01

    nose surgery

  • 02

    Quick bulbous
    nose surgery

  • 03

    Arrow (Droopy) Nose
    with no-incision

  • 04

    alar relocation

  • 05

    nose surgery

  • Only available at LaPrin!

    Mini-nose surgery is fast and simple, so you can get back to daily life on the day of surgery
    without any additional recovery period, and if necessary, you can return to the original condition before surgery.

What is the newly upgraded
LaPrin Princess Nose Surgery?

It is a surgery that corrects the form of the nose by injecting a special string that has supportive strength,
unlike nose plastic surgery that is performed through incision As it is performed within a short time of 5 minutes,
it requires no admission or recovery time, and leaves almost no swelling, which enables the client to see
the results of the surgery immediately. LaPrin Princess Nose Surgery achieves the form of the nose in terms of nose angle,
height of nose tip, and nose length by using specialized string which is harmless to the human body
and has had its safety proven over a number of years. The difference from original royal nose surgery is that if continual period
of nose tip surgery has been 2 to 3 years, the upgraded royal nose surgery brings a permanent result.

Making a high nose tip line by pulling the nose from the middle to the tip using string was first devised in Europe
and is accustomed to the nasal structure of Europeans, which posed difficulty in generalizing it in Korea.
LaPrin has developed a method that changes the anatomical structure of nose tip,
enabling correction of button nose and slightly-crooked nose. Furthermore, since using nasal filler has
supplemented the short sustainment period, which is a shortcoming of nose surgery,
you can enjoy favorable results regardless of recovery or payment.

  • Why LaPrin Princess Nose Surgery?

  • Can one simple procedure actually lift the nasal tip? Yes!
    Long-lasting filler plus a permanent nose tip treatment solves
    the weaknesses of previous nose surgery methods.

  • 01. Incision-free or minimal incision (if the nose tip is too low)

    As the procedure is performed without incision but just with injection, it leaves
    only small scars that are needle size and soon disappear with no long-lasting effect.

  • 02. Safe materials

    Medical materials that have been proven for many years are used.
    The procedure is safe and effective as it uses a special string that has supportive strength.

  • 03. Immediately return to your daily routine

    As there is no swelling, pain, or bruising, you can return to everyday life
    without any additional recovery time needed.

  • 04. Customized procedure

    The tip of the nose, the overall length of the nasal bridge,
    and the symmetry of the nostrils can all be treated in a detailed and personalized manner.

  • 05. Permanent nose tip procedure

    With LaPrin’s own procedure developed after in-depth study of the anatomic structure of the nose tip,
    the structure of nose tip can be transformed without requiring surgery, giving you that high and pretty nose tip.

  • 06. Natural looks

    With elastic material, it is so natural that you may not even be able to tell
    that you’ve had a procedure with your own hands.