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LaPrin is equipped with many of the fastest lasers and provides
terrific results with its accurate and scientific skin analysis system.
Our Fotona 4D lifting laser allows patients to experience
the most natural anti-aging Premium Power brightening
and Magic Secret Viveve treatments.


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Fotona 4D Lifting

Fotona 4D lifting laser allows you to experience the most natural anti aging effect

  • Fotona4D® is a series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both
    the exterior facial and interior oral cavity, enabling full-thickness contraction of collagen
    for persistent tightening and volumization without injectables. With two laser wavelengths
    (Er:YAG and Nd:YAG) and 4 treatment modes, anti-aging is comprehensively approached
    from 4 different levels, working on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin,
    as well as targeting imperfections. Conventional skin lasers irradiate energy deep into the skin
    and induce new collagen by scarring for damage while the hormetic skin regeneration
    mechanism is a skin-friendly laser that keeps skin healthy.

Fotona 4D Lifting Features

Features 01

Features 01

Unlike conventional lasers that
require skin damage, this is a
premium lifting that improves
skin and wrinkles without
wounds, pain, or recovery time.

Features 02

Features 02

It promotes collagen deep within the
skin and provides a skin-lifting effect
naturally and without surgery or pain.
Dramatic effects can be observed
after only one session.

Features 03

Features 03

After the procedure, the process of
changing the depth of wrinkles,
the degree of sagging pores,
facial flushing, and pigmentation,
can be confirmed with objective
figures. In addition, laser is irradiated
to the inside of the mouth, leaving
no scars on the surface of the skin.

Fotona 4D lifting setting time

The lifting effect of other lasers may be observable after a period
between 2 weeks and 1 month, but Fotona 4D lifting offers immediate effect.

There may be some redness due to a slight sensation of heat, but there is
no downtime, scabbing, or other damage—unlike with other laser treatments.

On set time of Fotona 4D lifting

  • +
    Patients can see the
    effects from just a single
    session; however, three
    sessions of Fotona laser
    treatment will maximize

  • +
    Improvement of
    nasolabial fold

  • +
    Improvement of skin
    texture and pores

  • +
    Improvement of
    wrinkles around eyes

Candidates for Fotona 4D anti-aging treatment

Those who wish to improve their
skin condition without downtime,
due to their busy daily schedules.

Those who wish to experience
the same effects as individuals
who receive nasolabial fold filler.

Those who wish to see lifting effects and
wrinkle-reductions without undergoing surgery.

Those who may be wary of experiencing
pain or anesthesia.

Those who wish to improve the overall
condition of their face by reducing wrinkling
around areassuch as their lips and eyes.

Those who may be worried
about suffering from bulging of
the skin around their eyes.

- Premium Power brightening treatment -

Gentlemax + QX Max dual toning

  • Find the best solution for brightening

    Gentle Max Pro Laser, approved by the US FDA and the European CE, is used to treat pigmentation
    and skin elasticity at one time. It can treat deep or difficult pigmentation such as old melisma
    which conventional lasers such as IPL, Toning, or Gentle Max cannot address. It possess a gas
    cooling system which protects the surface of the skin and, of the available laser range of brightening
    treatments, is particularly popular due to its remarkable qualities of pain reduction.


Gentle Max Pro Laser, approved by US FDA and European CE, is used to treat
pigmentation and skin elasticity at one time. It can treat deep and difficult pigment
such as old melasma that conventional lasers such as IPL, Toning, and
Gentle Max can not treat. Its own gas cooling system protects
the skin surface and it is very popular among the brightening
laser treatments because the pain
during treatment is remarkably less.

  • Fotona QX Max

    This laser was developed by Fotona in Europe, and uses the unique Accelera mode laser
    to realise a 3D treatment that can provide effective treatment in cases where conventional
    equipment may experience difficulties. While conventional laser toning provides a means
    of destroying the epidermis pigmentation using a short irradiation time in NS (nanosecond)
    units, Fontana can deliver heat efficiently to the epidermis and dermis layers using
    its Accelera mode. Destroying deep pigment cells whilst simultaneously stimulating fiber cells
    to produce collagen, improvement in melisma, whitening, pore condition, peeling, and lifting
    effects can be witnessed at once. In addition, by increasing output power by 1.5-2 times the
    rate of conventional lasers, a top-hat beam is created that achieves the same treatment
    results by irradiating energy uniformly across the entirety of the skin.

Features of Premium Power Brightening Treatment

Features 01

Features 01

This optimal selection of
wavelengths provides the ability to
treat a plethora of pigmented
and vascular lesions, as well as
the most complex, multi-colored tattoos.

Features 02

Features 02

We minimize side-effects and
recovery time after the procedure
by protecting the skin’s surface
with a controlled cooling system.

Features 03

Features 03

Skin elasticity and pigmentation
can be improved at the same time.
In addition, great effects can be
observed even in difficult cases of
pigmentation conditions that conventional
lasers are unable to treat.

Magic Secret Viveve

What is Viveve, and why has it attracted attention from
all over the world, including Europe and the US?

  • A non-surgical tightening treatment that solves sagging of the vaginal opening (loss of elasticity),
    and can improve elasticity in just a single treatment, with no pain and a short recovery period of only 30 minutes.

Magic Secret Viveve Effect

Definite vaginal tightening through quick & simple treatment without surgery

  • +
    Definite vagina
    tightening effect
    with restoration
    of elasticity

  • +
    Cushioning effect
    due to thick and durable
    vaginal mucosa
    (soft feel of skin)

  • +
    sexual satisfaction
    for both partners by
    improving friction

  • Vagina loses elasticity
    and becomes wider.

  • Elasticity is restored and vagina
    becomes tighter due to thick
    and durable vaginal mucosa

Magic Secret Viveve Effect

In order to tighten the vaginal tissue with a single treatment,
it is necessary to transmit high-frequency heat to the deeper skin layers.

  • In cases of general vaginal tightening without use of a cooling system,
    it is difficult to transmit a sufficient feeling of heat because it may damage
    the surface of the skin. Therefore, repeated sessions are required. Because Viveve harnesses
    Thermage source technology and implements a cooling system, it can be carried out
    quickly enough to achieve a certain vaginal tightening effect from just one session.

Long-lasting effect

The effect will show as early as 1-2 weeks after the procedure, and generally will become more definite after a month.
The vagina tightening effect consistently improves over 3 to 6 months and
you can feel the improvement of arousal and/or orgasm.

Long-lasting effect

What are the dual effects of Intima?
Vaginal contraction and urinary incontinence?

Intima Laser generates collagen for the mucous membrane and fascia.
It ultimately tightens the vaginal wall by delivering a 2940nm ER.YAG laser to an abnormally loose vagina.
It can provide the particular benefit of improving urinary incontinence, and can be completed
with a single treatment for individuals with complex feminine functional problems.

  • Loose

  • +

  • Urinary

  • +

  • Dryness
    (no pain, no anesthesia)

Advantages of Viveve + Intima

Vivene and Intimate combine to provide a double effect for a loose vagina, generating collagen
as well as a cushioning effect on the vaginal wall which will give sexual satisfaction for both partners.

  • +
    of loose vagina and
    positively inotropic
    agents of the vagina

  • +
    Short treatment
    of 30 minutes

  • +
    No pain,
    no anesthesia

  • +
    return to daily

  • +
    Improved mild

  • +
    Therapeutic effect on
    diseases such as
    chronic vaginitis

  • +
    Tightening effect on
    the vaginal wall
    by collagen

  • +
    Sexual activity
    is possible from
    one week after


Recommended for women’s anti-aging

If you want a dramatic effect with simple
procedures without surgery.

If you wish to receive vaginal tightening prior
to marriage or without spousal agreement.

If you do not have enough time because of
work or parenting.

If you want to solve problems such as urinary
incontinence or complex function problems.

If the vagina has loosened or
pressure has reduced.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction
following childbirth.

When you need a feeling of fullness during
sexual activity.

If you desire tightening or
aesthetic improvements