The evolution of V-line lifting!
Improvement of face contouring using
Ultra-SAFELipo without bone surgery

Power V Lifting

  • Creates a V-line face that lifts firmly without unevenness or sagging.

Operation time

Operation time

20-30 mins



IV sedation



discharge on
the day of surgery

Visit to the clinic

Visit to the clinic


  • Ultra-SAFELipo optimized for revision liposuction

  • What’s POWER V Face-Lifting liposuction?

  • POWER V Lifting is LaPrin's unique liposuction technique using Ultra-SafeLipo.
    It dissolves more than 90% of the fat and brings more delicate face contours.

    Only the excess fat of the face such as at the jaw line, chin, the double chin and the upper cheek area is liquidized
    by the Vaser ultrasonic wave and is then removed quickly and safely via suction.
    The contour of the face is corrected without bone surgery, and elasticity and a balanced face line are the final product.

    In addition, our patients can go back to their daily routine with less pain, less swelling, less bruising and no downtime
    by minimizing the bleeding during the surgery. In addition, our patients feel free to get the surgery
    by lowering the probability of side effects such as becoming wrinkled and rugged.

Why Power V lifting?

  • Differentiated surgical procedure with Ultra-SAFELipo technique

Large amounts of fat cells
are Clearly removed

With the advanced equipment and know-how of the medical staff,
even difficult areas are delicately removed

Smooth V-line without unevenness

Laprin Ultra-SAFELipo technique allows you to have your fat repositioned while
your fat is aspirated. A smooth line can be produced without any unevenness.

Skin elasticity increase

It does not damage the subcutaneous fiber structure
that maintains skin elasticity and removes only the fat selectively,
minimizing skin sagging after facial liposuction.

V-line surgery with fast recovery

It removes fat without damaging blood vessels and surrounding tissues.
There is less pain, less swelling, and less bruising.
So no long recovery period is required.

  • No pain, No bruising, No swelling

  • It is very important to minimize swelling and
    bruising on the face as it is constantly exposed.

    Power V Lifting is performed using Ultra-SafeLipo technique and skilled medical staff, so it is easy to return to
    daily life with less pain, swelling, and bruises after surgery and eliminates excess fat in the face.
    Patients are always highly satisfied with the surgery.

Improvement of 
facial contouring 
without surgery

Improvement of
facial contouring
without surgery

Even without bone
surgery, we provide
a narrow V-line
using liposuction.

Having V-line 
without unevenness

Having V-line
without unevenness

We reposition your fat while
your fat is aspirated.
This can produce
a smooth line
without any unevenness.

Skin tightening

Skin tightening

Vaser ultrasonic wave
promotes collagen
regeneration, increasing
skin tightening
and lifting effects

Fast recovery

Fast recovery

We Minimize the bleeding
during surgery
so there are less pain,
less bruising, less swelling,
and fast daily life

Indication for Power V lifting

See the clear-cut V line effect of Power V lifting for yourself

See the clear-cut V line effect of NEW Power V lifting for yourself
  • Before & After

전후사진 01
전후사진 02
전후사진 03

In facial liposuction, it is important for
the performing surgeon to have a vast store of
know-how and experience.

The face has a lot of blood vessels and nerves,
so surgeons must have accurate anatomical knowledge, know-how,
and vast operation experience. LaPrin's unique liposuction technique,
Ultra- SafeLipo Technology, is also applied to the face and this results in a more clear
and secure V-line face shape compared with laser treatment or conventional V-line surgery.