Why LaPrin Skin Center?

· · ·Luxury interior and the latest equipment and best medical services · · ·

· · · Equipped with premium laser machinery · · ·

At LaPrin, we possess the latest advanced equipment which is difficult to find at other clinics.
We offer effective, customized treatments for our patients—not uniform treatments—by using
premium laser equipment. This provides safe and fast results, free from pain and side-effects.

· · · Accurate diagnosis, scientific skin analysis system · · ·

  • 1) Skin analysis by Antera 3D

    The only camera that can accurately measure wrinkles, texture, scars, skin color, redness,
    and pigmentation. It provides a full overview of the skin at the touch of a button, allowing
    you to visualise and quantify a wealth of skin parameters.

  • 2) VISIA, the latest skin analyzer, from Canfield, USA

    With VISA measurement, your current skin condition is scientifically checked and analysed,
    so you can receive more effective, individually customized care.


· · · 1:1 personalized medical service from beginning to end · · ·

This is not a uniform laser treatment, but instead discovers the safest and most suitable procedure
for each patient, so that the best treatment and fastest results can be attained at a reasonable price.


· · · Continuous research and hosting of seminars · · ·

All our medical staff constantly conduct research and host seminars in order to rapidly introduce
the most highly effective laser equipment to apply to practical treatment and provide better quality.
Through the introduction of advanced medical technology and equipment, we can safely treat patients
without the risk of side-effects, and ensure absolute health and beautiful skin.


· · · State-of-the-art treatment at a reasonable cost · · ·

In general, patients are hesitant to seek any treatment for skin and body which would require
repeated sessions over a long period of time, due to the high costs often incurred by such procedures.
LaPrin Skin Center, however, uses cutting-edge equipment to minimize the number of procedures
necessary by improving skin and body shape over the shortest time possible. In this way, patients experience
cutting-edge procedures and treatment at a more reasonable cost.