• #ActiveSubfascialBreastAugmentation

  • Chosen by Active Girls : LaPrin Active Subfascial Breast Augmentation

  • Top reasons women hesitate to get breast augmentation

    Fear of surgery
    Expecting a long and painful recovery
    Believing breasts will look and feel unnatural
    Remaining scars post surgery

  • With Active Subfascial Breast
    Augmentation women can expect

    Safe surgery procedures
    Less pain post surgery
    Shorter recovery time
    Natural look and feel to the breasts

Just 7 days after Active Subfascial Breast Augmentation,
you can perform these exercises!

Raising your hands
above your head

Lifting more than
10 Pounds (4.5kg)

Bending forward to
exercise the lower body

Popular candidates for Active Subfascial Breast Augmentation

A nurse who needs to
be able to use her arms
to help patients immediately

A housewife who has
to use her arms
for her children

A flight attendant who
must use her arms
many times during flights

A Personal trainer who
has to exercise for her job

  • A Perfect Match

  • Microthane +
    Subfascial placement method

  • “My breasts feel much more natural because of Laprin Subfascial Breast Augmentation. ”

    Subfascial Breast Augmentation promises a perfect line
    to achieve the ideal breast shape that women desire.

Microthane : Safe implant and
less incidence of capsular contracture

The 3D net-shaped specially treated material is the optimal implant of breast augmentation.
It inhibits capsule formation and prevents capsular contracture
by becoming one with the breast tissue.

Remarkably reduces
the probability of
Capsular Contracture
and any other

Perfect sense of
touch and natural

Fast recovery and
able to quickly
return to daily life

No displacement
and rupture of
the implant

Reasons why it is possible to return to daily activities
so fast with Subfascial Breast Augmentation:

During the Subfascial breast augmentation operation,
only a strong and thin layer (2mm) of fascia is cut.
Then, the implant is inserted in the space between the muscle and the fascia.

  • Insertion of the implant between the muscle and the fascia

    It is possible to return to daily life activities shortly after surgery.
    You can move your arms up and down, lift heavy objects, and exercise
    lightly because the movement of the muscle doesn’t affect the implant.
    This is due to the fact that there is no rotation and migration.

Testimonies of Active Subfascial Breast Augmentation

Laprin is great!

I did not have definition in the upper side of the breast. Therefore, I always had empty space, despite wearing a bra. Now after having surgery, I have cleavage! There was no pain (I really hate pain!) and I realized why Laprin is so popular! They are the best!

The first Bikini in my life!

I bought a bikini for the first time
in my life. I chose to have this
surgery because Laprin is one of
the most well known clinics for
breast augmentation. I am very
satisfied with my results! This
picture doesn’t show the whole
results. What I actually see myself
are curvier and more natural
looking breasts. Thank you doctor!

Finally I have cleavage!

Before surgery, there was a lot of
space between my breasts and
they were small. However, after
getting surgery, I not only have
deep cleavage, but I also have a
beautiful shape. It looks really pretty!

I finally escaped from A cup!

My breasts were really small, but now I have cleavage. If you are considering getting breast surgery, I highly recommend to get it at LaPrin. I am now wearing 80C size bra. Good bye A cup!

I was afraid that it may
look unnatural…

It was very important to me that my breasts looked natural and were pleasing to touch. Before surgery, I was uncomfortable and my breasts felt heavy while wearing a padded bra. But now, I don’t need any padding because I have my own natural and amazing breasts!

My breasts became
small after childbirth.

During breastfeeding, my breasts looked very unattractive. Before I got married and had a baby, I had confidence in the way my breasts looked. But when I finished breastfeeding, I lost my confidence and I finally convinced my husband I needed surgery. Now I am very confident and satisfied with the results!

My breasts were restored!

Before surgery I never thought that my breasts looked nice.
After losing weight, my breasts got smaller and started sagging. After getting breast surgery at LaPrin, my stress about my breasts went away and they are very pretty! Thank you so much!

Due to the fast recovery,
I was able to do exercise
shortly after surgery!

My job is a health trainer. Because of my position, I have to use my upper body frequently and I never thought I could get breast surgery. However, when I heard that the breast surgery at LaPrin had a short recovery time, I trusted to have the surgery. The rumor was true! I was able to do exercise again with a very short period of time!