Easy Stem Cell System of LaPrin

  • Engraftment rate must be increased scientifically!

    Breast adipose stem cell graft

  • Actual patient for underwent surgery at LaPrin

Time for procedure

Time for procedure

1.5 ~ 2 hours



Discharge on the day

Removal of threads

Removal of threads

7~10 days later

Anesthetic method

Anesthetic method

Conscious sedation
/ local anesthesia

Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment

Once a week (4~6 times)

Recovery time

Recovery time

Swelling and bruises disappear
in 1~2 weeks and area of
surgery can be exposed

Breast adipose stem cell graft that needs exquisite surgical techniques,
must be executed by medical staff specializing in fat graft!

In order to achieve satisfactory results of breast fat graft including balance between both breasts and the shape of breast the forms gentle curvature, it is necessary to undergo procedures by medical staffs with highly exquisite surgical techniques.

  • “LaPrin has been conducting researches on stem cells for prolonged period of time for fat graft with high engraftment rate and patients have displayed very high level of satisfaction in countless clinical cases of fat graft.”

Quick real breast fat graft Best subjects

In the event of wanting to achieve voluminous breast while removing unnecessary fat simultaneously

In the event of wanting natural looking breast augmentation in short period of time

In the event of concerns for mammoplasty due to reluctant towards the use of prosthesis

In the event of wanting natural voluminous feel without being excessive

If you have small breast and a lot of fat in other areas

Secrete of maximization of engraftment rate. 1

  • Pure fat + Growth factor for stem cells

  • The fundamental method is to purify pure fat for grafting
    after having secured space with Brava

    LaPrin separates and grafts only 100% pure adipose cells through Harvest Jet. In addition,
    we increase the engraftment rate by about 20% by extracting only stem cells from pure adipose cells
    by using ‘Huricell’, which is a cutting-edge automatic stem cell segregator, and grafting it together.
    In addition, we are realizing the most scientific method of autologous fat graft under the current medical technology
    by grafting the Smart Flap, which is the extraction system for growth factors for stem cells in blood
    that Harvard’s Medical School developed, for the first time.

What is adipose stem cell?

Cell within adipose cell with capability for differentiation into various human tissues

  • Self-

  • Self-cellular
    to the situation

  • Homing

  • Regeneration
    effect in the
    damaged area
    of the body

  • Multi-
    functional cell

  • Ability to
    differentiate into
    diverse tissues
    and organs

(Substantially higher contents of stem cells in adipose stem cell compared to marrow stem cell)

(Substantially higher contents of stem cells in adipose stem cell compared to marrow stem cell)

Source: Clinics in Plastic Surgery, 2006

Role of Stem Cells?

Assists engraftment of adipose cells by promoting the formation of blood vessels
and secreting growth factors, and prolonged maintenance of engrafted adipose cells.

  • Promote formation
    of blood vessels

  • Assist with
    engraftment of
    adipose cells

  • Enhance
    engraftment rate

LaPrin adipose stem cell graft

After having segregated only the pure adipose cells from the fat collected,
extract stem cells from a prescribed quantity of fat for grafting the pure fat and pure stem cells
together simultaneously. Moreover, extract the growth factor for stem cell
within the blood by using Smart Flap and graft it as well.

  • 1st stage


  • 2nd stage

    Extract fat

  • 3rd stage

    Extract stem
    cells in adipose
    cell (Huricell)

  • 4th stage

    Extract stem cell
    in blood
    (Smart Flap)

  • 5th stage


Plastic surgery with stem cell, it needs not be expensive and complicated.

Easy Stem Cell System of LaPrin

LaPrin Premium Aseptic System at the
Highest level in Korea



Remove all dusts on the
surface such as garment
through air shower prior
to enter the aseptic
operating room

Aseptic research center
/ Aseptic Q.C. system

Aseptic research center
/ Aseptic Q.C. system

Medical staff equipped with
the best cell treatment
know-how executes tests
for stem cell counts and
level of contamination
under the optimal

Aseptic operating room

Aseptic operating room

Minimize contamination of
the stem cell by being fully
equipped with air exhaust
system to block all the
polluted air outside.

Cutting-edge cryogenic storage system

Cutting-edge cryogenic storage system

We safely store cells or tissues safely for prolonged period of time with cutting-edge cryogenic storage and cell counting system with global standard format.

Cell counting

Cell counting

We test the valid number
of cells through specialized
cell counting equipment
capable of numerically
confirm the number of stem
cells. Moreover, we offer
the service of storing the
stem cells of clients after
having personally
confirmed them.

  • Cutting-edge cryogenic storage
    It is an essential system for safe stem cell plastic surgery.

Cutting-edge cryogenic storage

Cutting-edge cryogenic storage with global standards


cryogenic storage
system with
global standards
Storage tank

Personally confirming and storing stem cells

Cell Counting System

  • Stem cells cannot be seen under naked eyes of human beings.
    LaPrin is providing the service of storing the stem cells of the clients by having them
    personally confirm their stem cells after having checked the number of valid cells through specialized
    cell counting equipment for numerical confirmation of the stem cell numbers.

Cell Counting System
Cell Counting System
  • We take images of the stem cells used in the treatment and illustrate them in the Certificate
    of Stem Cell.

LaPrin Only Easy Stem Cell System

Easy Stem Cell System

Changes in the breast following
breast adipose stem cell graft

Changes in the breast following breast adipose stem cell graft

3D Vectra Mammoplasty System


Simulation prior to and after cyber plastic surgery

3 major side effects of breast fat graft

  • Give up beast fat graft because of side effects?!

Adipose stem cell plastic surgery center that
overcomes side effects

  • Scientific surgical plan

    In the event of grafting large quantity of fat without scientifically analyzing the status of the breast, there may be calcification phenomenon in which the fat becomes hard lumps. This can be sufficiently prevented by grafting appropriate quantity of fat through planned surgery executed by predicting the outcome through scientific analysis of space in the breast.

  • Prevention of infection through advanced aseptic operating room

    Cleanliness of the operating room is very important.
    LaPrin’s aseptic clean system and air shower system completely eliminated the risks of infection during surgery by controlling environment in the operating room including aseptic conditions, temperature and humidity most ideal for surgery.

  • Discern even the hidden spaces with 3D Vectra

    In the process of engraftment of fat, some will become engrafted while some will undergo necrosis, thereby resulting in undulation of skin surface.
    This can be prevented by highly experience medical staffs.
    In addition, such undulation is eliminated through planned grafting through simulation of the breast spaces and shapes with 3D Vectra.

  • Solve calcification

  • Solve inflammation

  • Solve undulation

Procedures of the breast fat graft surgery

Step 01

Collect unnecessary fat from areas such as abdomen and thigh

Step 02

Extraction and mixing of adipose cell, stem cell and growth factors

Step 03

Safely graft the extracted fat onto the breast to be augmented

Step 04

Complete beautiful breast line and sense of volume appropriate for body shape of individuals