Secret Royal breast surgery

7 things missing in Laprin secret princess breast surgery

Laprin’s own know-how in breast surgery makes you free from the mundane routines that you had to go through before and after surgery!


troublesome general anesthesia


uncomfortable blood sac


tight constriction band


no-pain injection that reduces pain


pain after surgery


long recovery period when you can’t even lift your arms


visits to other hospitals and extra bills on pre-surgery tests

Laprin’s 14-year breast surgery know-how


breast surgery without pain

Laprin performs no-bleeding breast surgery with minimal excision based on 14-year knowhow in breast surgery and accumulated technique of breast surgery special team. Laprin’s secret Royal breast surgery is surprisingly painless, allowing you to raise your arms on the day of surgery and go out. Cause of pain is bleeding. Bleeding during Laprin’s breast surgery is significantly low compared to conventional breast surgery, even less than eye and nose surgery. The reason behind such thing is Vesalius electric surgery device that stops bleeding right after excision. Also, supreme technique of medical team has allowed almost painless surgery with delicate exfoliation along the shallow layer between tissues with almost no vessel, enabling almost painless surgery This is an original know-how of Laprin that can free you from blood sac and pain

3 Reasons why there is no pain

Safe and perfect intercostal anesthesia performed by thoracic surgery specialist

Safe general anesthesia by anesthesia specialist

No-blood tissue exfoliation by Vesalius electric device that gives no damage vto surrounding tissue

What is Vesalius system that allows precise no-blood tissue exfoliation?

With Vesalius, a state-of-the-art excision and hemostasis device, space for implant is precisely excised and exfoliated

The reason pain is so great after breast surgery is that it causes bleeding and tissue damage during exfoliation process in order to create a large space for implant. Vesalius device is a state-of-the-art device that simultaneously makes excision and stops hemorrhage and can significantly reduce pain bleeding and tissue damage in excision. Photo in the left is exfoliation of internal chest space without bleeding with Vesalius. Despite it is in middle of exfoliation, there is no bleeding

Surgery making excision inside conjunctiva for dark circle urgery with Vesalius mircro-needle(diatmeter = 0.055mm)

You can see excision is being made without any hemorrhage

Conventional laser excision creates high heat of 250 C to remove a tissue or stop hemorrhage by coagulating vessels. High heat as such can bring burns to surrounding tissue, which induces postoperative pain, swallowing, and inflammation and leads to longer recovery

Laprin uses no-blood tissue exfoliation using Vesalius resonance device to breast surgery. It gives almost no damage with its special wave of low temperature, 65 C, and minimizes bleeding during surgery, relieving almost all the pain and recovery.

Ordinary electric and laser operation device

Burn and necrosis of tissue after making ordinary laser excision. Heat of about 250C

Heat of about 250 C

Bleeding, burn

Ordinary electric and laser operation device

No sign of tissue damage after making excision with Vesalius Heat of about 65C

Heat of about 65 C

No bleeding, burn

With Keller Funnel 2 implant insertion technique!

Different from implant insertion! Safe and painless!

In order to insert a big implant through a small incision, you must give a great force to breast space. This creates high risk of tissue or nerve damage, unnecessary bleeding, rotation of implant, and unnecessary bleeding.

Why Keller Funnel 2?

When using Keller Funnel which is in a shape of a cone, implant can be smoothly inserted with minimal force.

It can be applied regardless of surgical site including armpit, areolar, lower breast line and more safe surgery is possible as it is a sterile disposable product.


Thorough prevention of Capsular contracture and side effect

There is no surgery in the world without a side effect. But its risk is lowered by the experience of practitioner. The most important factors in a surgery are precise diagnosis and delicate handling of medical team. Breast surgery requires higher concentration from medical team than other procedures and takes longer time to be experienced. Long experience and advanced surgery technique of Laprin’s breast special team is the pride of Laprin that has significantly lowered side effect.

Most advanced surgery and safety system

Most advanced surgery and safety system

3M body temperature sustainment unit
It keeps body temperature during surgery and prevents hypothermia that may occur during long surgery. By sustaining the best condition during surgery, we abate the post-surgery discomfort and enables faster recovery.
Sterile operating room
State-of-the-art devices and system are implemented to all the operating room. Automatic control system is established for complete shut-off of micro-dust and germs and maintenance of optimal surgery temperature and humidity.
Germ-free air shower system
Before surgery, surgery is performed much safer after influx of micro-dust and germs is perfectly prevented with Germ-free air shower system that big medical centers and specialized research facility own.

Staltz endoscope

Laprin uses end-of-the-line Staltz ductile endoscope from Germany which is known to be most accurate in breast surgery.

less painful!

It stops bleeding as it makes excision and exfoliation, minimizing bleeding during surgery. It allows faster recovery without much pain as there is no swelling, bruise, and scar


Minimalize tissue damage and pain by performing exfoliation device equipped to endoscope for fast and accurate surgery


As it inserts implant after precisely and quickly exfoliating space for implant, prettier and more natural sensation are achieved


After procuring sufficient vision with endoscope, nerve, muscle, and vessel are delicately removed while being checked simultaneously, which is safer.

Safety system

Real time monitoring
For patient’s safety, ECG, respiration, blood oxygen level, body temperature, blood pressure are checked in real time over the course of surgery. Cutting edge monitoring device is furnished in every operating room
Emergency rescue system
Emergency devices like AED and powerless electric power system, are prepared in every operating room to react precisely and quickly to emergencies that can occur despite thorough tests performed before test.
Air purifying system
Though invisible, we have established an air purifying system to prevent bacterial infection by floating germs from beginning and maintain better surgical environment.

Control system

Scar treatment laser
State-of-the-art scar prevention laser that prevents scarring from the start with surgical device for breast surgery
Capsular contracture prevention solution
Including special procedure and drug prescription, special solution is used in every step of surgery to prevent Capsular contracture.
Appropriate aftercare for individual recovery status is provided by a breast recovery manager.

Special surgery know-how of Special breast medical team

15 years of breast cosmetic surgery only in Laprin
Original know-how and aesthetic sense of Laprin’s Special Breast Medical Team who has performed various breast surgeries of different type and chest structure
Preoperative breast diagnosis by breast surgery specialist
Establishment of customized surgery plan after precise understanding of current breast status based on preoperative breast diagnosis by breast surgery specialist with deep medical knowledge of breast
Accurate intercostal anesthesia by chest surgery specialist
Intercostal anesthesia of high-difficulty that surely reduces postoperative pain can be performed quickly and precisely regardless of general anesthesia.


Can be applied all types of chest including abnormal chest wall

There are many types of breast and chest wall in women. When performing ordinary breast surgery on unordinary chest like funnel chest, pectus carinatum, drooping breast, breast can be widely spread or centered. Also, if areolar and chest is too wide, insertion to inaccurate location can aggravate spreading phenomenon as breast size gets bigger after surgery. Laprin has supplemented all these shortcomings with precise prediction on insertion location based on original know-how and state-of-the-art 3D Vectra breast surgery system, which allows surgery to be effectively applied to all types of breast and chest wall

Appliable type of breast and chest wall

3D Vectra body shape analysis system

Size and type of implant and accurate insertion location must be decided based on personal body shape, chest shape, location and length of chest and amount of tissue. Laprin analyzes body shape scientifically with the newest 3D Vectra body shape analysis system before surgery and performs surgery after deciding form (round or water drop), size, insertion location of implant, which gives a breast with natural feeling and movement

What is Royal breast surgery?

Royal breast can be performed with aby type of implant based on scientific analysis on personal status of breast

Size and type of implant and accurate insertion location must be decided based on personal body shape, chest shape, location and length of chest and amount of tissue. Laprin analyzes body shape scientifically with the newest 3D Vectra body shape analysis system before surgery and performs surgery after deciding form (round or water drop), size, insertion location of implant, which reduces surgery time and provides more precision.

Laprin’s breast surgery know-how #2

Perfect breast surgery Touch and movement just like your own breast is important

One of the most common concerns after breast surgery is the unnatural sensation and movement. In natural breast, its touch is soft and movement, natural when lying down. We will provide the most natural touch and movement based on Laprin’s know-how on breast surgery

Breast that spreads naturally when lying down

Actual client who received Laprin's breast surgery (4 months later)

When lying down, the form of breast spreads like natural breasts, giving the most similar feeling like natural breasts

Breast that won't spread out when lying down

Woman in 20s with implantation in other hospital       

When lying down, the implant doesn’t spread and is maintained too solid, giving unnatural impression

With Keller Funnel 2 implant insertion technique!

In normal breast surgery, breast tends to move as a whole, giving that unnatural movement, but Laprin breast surgery provides breast with natural movement even when running, which makes it difficult to tell from natural breasts. Movement can be rigid at first, but gets more natural after time.

Recommended for those


who have unpretty shape due to sagging breast


who have abnormal chest wall (pectus carinatum, funnel chest)


Who want breast surgery with water drop implant


Who have occupation with a lot of activities or work out a lot


Who want more natural result from movement of breast to touch


Who hesitate breast surgery because they are sensitive to pain


Who need fast return to ordinary life


Who hesitate breast surgery due to pressure of general anesthesia

Laprin breast surgery recognized by the world

Laprin breast surgery center where medical personnel from abroad and Korea gets educated

Medical personnel from abroad and Korea is being educated of Laprin’s know-how on breast surgery Laprin has put a lot of effort and research to lessen pain in breast surgery and bring out more natural touch and shape. Also, we have prepared state-of-the-art system for exfoliation of scar and no-blood tissuevvvv

Why Secret Royal breast surgery?

Royal breast surgery inserts implants in Laprin’s original method, unlike other breast surgeries, for more natural touch and movement. It is highly difficult, but as it is more complex, you will be able to obtain more satisfactory results

Normal breast surgery VS Laprin Secret Royal Breast surgery
Laprin Secret Royal Breast surgery Anesthesia General anesthesia(intercostal anesthesia)
Dissects and excises tissue with heat of high temperature, about 250 C. Exfoliation and excision Uses Vesalius device to minimize tissue damage that exfoliates and excises tissue with special wave of low temperature, 65 C
Some pain Post-surgery pain Almost no pain after no-blood tissue exfoliation
Bleeding occurs as surrounding tissue is damaged in the process of high-temperature exfoliation, inducing pain Bleeding Excision made in low temperature and bleeding stopped at the same time with exfoliation, leaving almost no bleeding, which prevents pain
Recovery period of about 1week to 10 days Recovery period Excision made in low temperature and bleeding stopped at the same time with exfoliation, leaving almost no bleeding, which prevents pain
Recovery period of about 1week to 10 days Recovery period Can be recovered within a hour, discharged on the day of surgery
Can be recovered within a hour, discharged on the day of surgery Blood sac No need for blood sac
Comparatively high Surgery difficulty Very high

Laprin One-stop breast surgery system

from breast diagnosis to breast surgery that achieves healthy and beautiful breast

Scientific analysis by 3D Vectra

Scientifically analyzes your current body shape and breast with the newest device, predicting accurate shape and result after surgery

Free breast diagnosis before and after surgery

Before and after surgery, follow up of breast health with tests on breast like mammography and breast ultrasound

Excision and exfoliation by Vesalius

Exfoliation and excision performed with specific wave of low temperature and rapid recovery with minimal bleeding and tissue damage

Safe and efficient endoscopy surgery

Quick and precise exfoliation of space for breast implant using state-of-the-art endoscope, minimizing chance of Capsular contracture

Scar management using state-of-the-art laser

Scar management using laser effective to red scars like Legatto or Nlight based on the status of your scar

Possession of ‘Bexcore’, state-of-the-art vacuum aspiration tumor collection device for fast and accurate diagnosis of breast and removal of tumor

Performed personally by a specialist in breast surgery from a hospital specializing in female cancers who has experience of sonography and treatment over 4000 cases a year!

For safer breast surgery, preoperative tests using state-of-the-art device from breast sonography and mammogram to Bexcore, allows scientifically precise diagnosis in presence, size, and removal of tumor and progress to necessary treatement

For general hospitals that doesn’t own a device for test and treatment, they may perform breast surgery without any test, which is very dangerous. If breast tumor is found during surgery without preoperative test, the surgery in process must be stopped immediately and its treatment gets a lot more difficult.

Laprin can perform breast cosmetic surgery and removal of breast tumor simultaneously. If breast tumor is found in test before breast surgery, medical team specializing in breast surgery will use ‘BEXCORE’ to remove the tumor and proceed treatment

Comfortable procedure with general anesthesia
Short duration of surgery with 30 minutes
No need for suture as it uses minimal excision
After procedure, almost painless, allowing return to everyday life
No scar apparent from outside

Capsular contracture , the most common side effect of breast surgery,

Only in Laprin, treatment is possible without revision surgery.

When Capsular contracture occurs, generally revision surgery with long recovery period must be performed But Laprin can solve Capsular contracture fast and easy with ‘Capsular contracture complex treatment system

If normal after surgery

Sonograph of a normal breast with no capsular contracture after breast surgery

Cases of treatment using Laprin’s ‘Capsular contracture complex treatment system’

Kim, (28)/ Started treatment of capsular contracture on Jan. 5th, 2015

Sonograph at 3 months after capsular contracture complex treatment system

It is a severe capsular contracture where a thick capsule around inserted implant gives hard texture and deforms breast shape

After treatment of capsular contracture

Sonograph at 3 months after capsular contracture complex treatment system

Without revision surgery, Laprin’s laser complex treatment was performed 3 times bi-weekly and stem cell treatment, 1 time, making thick capsule thinner and more regular.Consequently, implant was restored to its original form and its texture got very smooth.