Brava breast lipotransplant

What is Brava breast lipotransplant?

Laprin is the first to use Brava breast lipotransplant and aims 100% survival rate with scientific stem cell extraction system and abundant experience.

Breast lipotransplant is a self-lipotransplant using own fat from stomach or thigh to be transplanted to breast Brava breast lipotransplant uses breast augmentation device called ‘Brava’ and grows breast size with pure lipotransplant after obtaining sufficient space by enlarging breast tissue without any drug, cream, and insertion of implant. Also, it is a new surgery that has overcome the limit of standard breast lipotransplant by implanting stem cell growth factor too. Laprin is the first to use Brava breast lipotransplant and aims 100% survival rate with scientific stem cell extraion system and abundant experience. Scientific surgery system completes a beautiful and lavishing chest

Recommended for those


who have a lot of fat at the other parts of body besides breast


who want to increase breast size


Who are hesitant of implant surgery and general anesthesia despite their small breast


Who are expected to show too much exposure of implant after breast surgery with implants due to small breast


Who show too much exposure of implant


Who want to boost shaping of breast partially after breast surgery


Who dislikes the irritation of implant surgery

All breast lipotransplant is meant to go away?

Survival rate must be increased scientifically

Implant breast augmentation to increase breast size is a very safe and successful when performed by experienced medical team. But there are those who are reluctant to insert implant to their body Currently to those who hesitate due to low survival rate of breast lipotransplant, Laprin is proud to recommend breast lipotransplant. It has scientific reason behind its high survival rate.

3 reasons behind high survival rate

Procurement of sufficient space
Huricell, Harvestjet
transplant of pure fat and stem cell growth factor
3D vectra

Secret # 1 behind maximization of survival rate

Pure fat + stem cell growth factor

It is a basic principle to transplant refined pure fat after procuring space with Brava

Laprin collects 100% pure adipose cell with Harvestjet. Also, using Laprin’s proud ‘Hurricell’, a state-of-the-art automatic stem cell extractor, stem cells alone are extracted from pure adipose cells, which increases survival rate by 20% when transplanted with pure fat. Also, by applying Smartprep, a serum stem-cell growth factor extracting system--devised by the Harvard Medical School--to breast lipotransplant for the first time, we are performing the most scientific method of auto- lipotransplant.

The role of stem cell?

It facilitates vessel generation, helps survival of adipose cell by secreting growth factor, and supports the adipose cell to be maintained for a long time

Facilitation of vessel genesis

Survival of adipose cell

Increase of survival rate

Stem cell vs ordinary lipotransplant

Ordinary lipotransplant 1st step

2nd step

fat extraction (centrifuge)
3rd step

Simple rinse of the adipose cell collected from centrifuging collected adipose cell and then transplant to breast
Ordinary stem cell lipotransplant 1st step

2nd step

fat extraction
3rd step

extraction of stem cell within adipose cells
4th step

After extracting the most pure adipose cell from collected fat, stem cell is collected from a fixed amount of fat. Pure fat and pure stem cell is transplanted simultaneously
Laprin stem cell lipotransplant 1st step

2nd step

fat extraction
3rd step

extraction of stem cell within adipose cells (Huricell)
4th step

extraction of stem cell from blood (smart-prep)
5th step

After collecting most pure adipose cells from collected fat, stem cell is collected from a fixed amount of fat. Pure adipose cell and pure stem cell are simultaneously transplanted with stem cell growth factor which is extracted with Smartprep.

Smartprep, the stem cell growth factor extraction system developed by Medical School of Harvard

Pure fat extraction + Stem cell within fat + Stem cell within blood There are few hospitals that have all three systems

Laprin, applying Smartprep, a serum stem-cell growth factor extracting system devised by Medical School of Harvard to breast lipotransplant for the first time, is a cooperation hospital of stem cell growth factor research and treatment first designated by Immune disorder research lab of Harvard.


Pure fat extraction


Stem cell within fat


Stem cell within blood

Changes to breast after stem cell breast lipotransplant

Secret # 2 behind maximization of survival rate

Changes to breast after stem cell breast lipotransplant

What is Brava?

Brava uses negative pressure(think of cupping) to expand breast tissue. It uses the principle that human body facilitates tissue generation when applying continuous force. If human tissue is pulled continuously, tissue shows replication until it fills the space between cells and has same density to stable tissue. When putting on Brava, breast cells replicate as a response to tiny and continuous stimulus, increasing volume of breast

Why is Brava necessary in breast lipotransplant?

To heighten survival in lipotransplant fat is injected in 70% of space. Even if fat was filled in 100% of the space, it would be impossible for all the fat to survive. In contrary, as vessel is difficult to grow between adipose cell, nutrient supply is restricted, making fat impossible to survive. Therefore, after procuring large space with Brava, fat should be transplanted about 70%. That is why those with small breasts need to procure space with Brava

Secret # 3 behind maximization of survival rate

Prediction on result is possible!


Decide the size you want and scientifically plan surgery!

As told before, when fat is transplanted in 70% of breast space for higher survival, survival of normal fat tissue is 20%. But survival of stem cell lipotransplant using Brava is about 80~90%. This enables prediction of breast size after transplant, planning amount of fat to be removed and adjustment of the day to put on Brava and surgery date. But, as understanding of breast space must be accurate, 3D Vectra system is necessary


Transplant in large amount doesn’t increase survival!

When a woman with A cup size wants to be a B cup or C cup, after measuring current breast space in 3D, the amount of fat necessary for such transplant can be calculated as survival rate of stem cell lipotransplant is 90% and 70% of enlarged space is injected with fat after wearing Brava. In Laprin, clients visit us because they were unsatisfied after receiving surgery under the other hospitals’ advertisement of ‘massive transplant of pure adipose cell’. This is due to the wrong surgery planning that did not analyze and diagnose surgery process scientifically. Breast lipotransplant should be performed based on most analytic and thorough diagnosis.

3D Vectra breast surgery system

Simultaneous filming from 3 directions

Understanding of breast space is not entirely done by bare eyes. The analysis must be filmed in 3D to be accurate

By filming simultaneously from 3 directions, we can find where it would’ve been impossible to find with normal filming and further diagnose individual’s problem of her body shape

Checking the smallest details with scientific measurement that are difficult to confirm with bare eyes

Correct diagnosis and precise surgery planning possible based on measurements

Prediction of body shape after surgery

Perfect preduction of body shape after surgery

Alleviation of client satisfaction

Simulation before and after surgery simulation

3 biggest side effects in breast lipotransplant


calcification that hardens your breast


Inflammation that induces pain


Unevenness of surface

Don’t give up on Breast lipotransplant because of side effects!

Stem cell cosmetic fat surgery center that overcomes side effect


Scientific surgery plan

When breast status is not analyzed scientifically and massive fat was implanted, calcification that solidify fat can occur. This can be prevented by scientific analysis of breast space and lipotransplant of just amount with constructive surgery performed based on expected result.

Calcification solved


Prevention of infection with state-of-the-art germ free operating room

Cleanliness of operating room is very important. Laprin’s germ-free cleaning system and air shower system controls sterile condition, temperature, and humidity that is most suitable to operation, preventing risk of infection during surgery.

Inflammation solved


Discovery of hidden space with 3D Vectra

In the process of adipose cell adhering, some survive and some dies, making the surface uneven. This can be prevented by skilled medical team. Also, by simulating breast space and shape with 3D Vectra, unevenness can be eliminated with planned transplant

Unevenness solved

Side effects of breast lipotransplant! Laprin treats it fast and safely.

When fat with calcification, inflammation, and necrosis is left for a long time, it can cause not only pain and deficiency in immunity. So being treated fast is good for the best


When swelling, itching, and redness occurs due to germ infiltration or dissolving of fat that didn’t survive


When residue of dissolved fat exists as blood supply isn’t done well in the process of survival

Prediction of body shape after surgery

When fat that didn’t receive blood supply adequately solidifies and turns into a hard mass

With state-of-the-art ‘Bexcore’ procedure that enables extraction and removal of tissue through micro-excision, side effect of lipotransplant is solved fast and sound.

Minimal excision of 4~5mm with no scar

Safe general anesthesia

Short duration of surgery with 10~20 minutes

Removal of massive tissue in a single trial

Discharge at the day of surgery

Everyday activity possible without pain

Performed personally by a specialist in breast surgery from a hospital specializing in female cancers who has experience of sonography and treatment over 4000 cases a year, tissue in need of treatment is removed safe and precisely.

Why breast surgery specialist?

Breast surgery specialist has conducted a lot of research on breast continuously and owns experience of treatment and surgery.

Specialists possess higher understanding of anatomical structure of breast than any other doctors and also obtain more specialized medical knowledge. From preoperative tests that can analyze current state of breast to removal of calcified and inflammatory fat and breast tumor (mass) caused by various reasons, faster, more precise and safer surgery is possible based on surgical experience and know-how accumulated over the years.

Strength of brava breast lipotransplant


Best survival
Best maintenance

Massive transplant possible by implanting fat after expanding breast tissue


Completion of slim bodyline

Effective removal of excess fat with implantation after extraction and refinement of unnecessary fat


Different class of technique

Volume while correcting breast tissue beautifully


KDFA approval

Lipotransplant using clinically-proven safe medical device


Natural water-drop volume

Unlike implant cosmetic surgery, natural water-drop volume and line can be accomplished, giving satisfaction to people


Concern for implant solved

Natural breast augmentation and line correction possible with breast surgery using own fat

Brava breast lipotransplant procedure

Equipment of Brava tissue expander designed to fit personal body shape

Expansion of breast tissue and correction of shape

Extraction of unnecessary fat from stomach or thigh

Extraction and combination of growth factor, adipose cell, stem cell

Safe transplant of extracted fat to expanded breast

Achievement of breast volume and line most beautiful to personal body line

Medical exchange between Director Park and Dr. Khavri

Chief director Park, Byungchhon of Laprin Chungdam branch and the first practitioner of Brava breast lipotransplant, Dr Khavri

With surgical experience and know-how of 15 years, we will find your solid and beautiful bodyline