Laprin Royal Eye Surgery

Royal Eye surgery is 3 surgeries in one!

You can finally eliminate your dark under-eye circles!

Quick Non-incisional Double Eyelid
Fast and efficient surgery with natural adhesive method
Naturalness with no appearance of scars
Maintain double eyelid line without getting loose
Non-incisional Ptosis Correction
Minimal scar from no incision
Effective surgery without swelling or bruises
Defined eyeline by correcting ptosis
Non-incisional Lowering Lateral Eyelid Extension
Finding hidden spaces to give bigger eyes
Minimal scar and recovery time from no incision
Warm and attractive eyeline by correcting lateral eyelid
No need for stitches removal by using absorbable suture

How is Lowering Lateral Eyelid Extension possible without an incision?

According to original lowering lateral eyelid extension with incision method, recovery period was necessary due to swelling, bruising and pain. From Laprin’s lowering lateral eyelid extension with non-incisional method, not only lowering and extending lateral eyelid to correct eyes but also it is possible for a quick return to everyday life as we use absorbable suture which do not need any removal so you do not need to worry about getting scars, swelling, bruising and pain.

Traditional Lowering Lateral Eyelid Extension VS Laprin’s Non-incisional Lowering Lateral Eyelid Extension
Incision made in direction to outer corner of lateral eyelid, fixation made by pulling lower eyelid outward Surgery method Principle of non-incisional ptosis correction is applied on lower eyelid by natural adhesion method with no incision to firmly hold lower eyelid
Yes Incision None required
Yes Suture None required
Swelling and bruising will occur from incision Swelling/bruising Minimal to none
5~7 days Recovery time Minimal to none
Possibility of recurrence; if incision area attaches itself, revision has to be under incisional method with suture Recurrence rate Minimal chance of recurrence can be corrected by natural adhesion
Necessary for stitches removal after 7days.
Slight pain occurs during removal
Stitches Removal Use of absorbable suture
No need of removing stitches

Actual photos of client who received Royal Eye surgery

See the results for yourself!

This is an actual photo of a client who underwent Royal Eye Surgery which includes all non-incisional quick double eyelid, ptosis correction and lateral eyelid extension surgery at Laprin


No incision



What does Laprin Royal Eye surgery do?

Gives you those big and glamorous eyes you want! The surgery is tailored to each individual face so you get the results that best fit you!
Traditional eye surgeries often do not take into account factors like pupil exposure, height of the eyelid or ratio of with width and height of the eyes.

Laprin Royal Eye surgery takes each of these factors into account, and performs the surgery based on not only fixing the eye, but also the overall appearance, in order to improve your image and make a more beautiful you!

We recommend the Laprin Royal Eye surgery for:


those who suffer from small, stuffy eyes


those who hesitate to complete an eye surgery due to fear over incision pain


those with harsh or dramatic single lid eyes


those who want brighter, larger eyes


those who want to return to everyday life with minimal recovery time


Have a fast recovery and return to ordinary life!

No incision equals minimum healing

Royal Eye Surgery with non-incisional Method

After performing combination of quick non-incisional double eyelid, non-incisional ptosis correction and non-incisional lowering lateral eyelid extension surgery

Symptoms of swelling and bruising reduce when skin incisions are minimalized in all kind of surgeries. Minimum incision leads to minimum healing time needed, which shortens recovery time and enables you to return to your everyday life. Royal eye surgery uses the incision free method to create bigger and more beautiful eyes.

Royal eye surgery performs 3 surgeries including double eyelid, ptosis correction, and lowering lateral eyelid extension only through a tiny hole, with no other incisions.

Why Laprin Royal eye surgery?

Minimal incision

We minimalize incision in double eyelid, ptosis correction and lateral eyelid extension, leaving no scars that can be seen visually

Fast return
to everyday life

Minimalized incision reduces swelling and bruising enabling faster recovery and return to everyday life

Significant change

Not only changing part of your eyes, but also overall correction of eyes like exposure of pupil, length of eye, and direction of eye tail is done, making you able to see significant changes to your eyes.


Surgery is performed by specialists who have performed eye cosmetic surgeries over years, making surgery safer and more precise.

Customized surgery

As surgery is customized based on status of individual eyes, you will be able to have more perfect and satisfactory results.


Royal Eye surgery procedure

Before surgery

Analysis of individual eye through consultation


With overall ratio of eyes in mind, design is proceeded after deciding thickness of double eyelid line, amount of ptosis, degree of lateral extension and etc

Ptosis correction and forming double eyelid

Correcting ptosis with non-incisional method and creates double eyelid line that best suits the individual’s eyes.

Non-incisional lowering lateral eyelid extension

Non-incisional lowering lateral eyelid extension based on the direction of the eyetail and the length of the eyes.

After surgery

Bigger eyes that give brighter and defined look.

  • Germ-free air shower system

    Before surgery, influx of microdusts and germ is perfectly prevented with Germ-free air shower system that big medical centers and specialized research facility own

  • Germ-free Operation Room

    State-of-the-art operating room of Laprin is known to provoke envy of doctors in other hospitals. It blocks influx of microdusts and germs and automatic management system for sustainment of optimal surgery temperature and humidity is established.

  • Real time monitoring

    For safety of clients, ECG, respiration, blood oxygen level, body temperature, blood pressure are checked in real time over the course of surgery. Cutting edge monitoring device is furnished in every operating room.

  • Emergency system

    Emergency devices are prepared to react precisely and quickly to emergencies that can occur despite thorough tests performed before test.

  • Air purifying system

    We have established an air purifying system to prevent bacterial infection by floating germs and maintain better surgical environment. We care about every little details.


Know how to care for your eyes for the best results

Cold packs are recommended to relieve swelling for the first 3-5 days after surgery, and after 5 days switch to a warm compress.

Contact lenses are not recommended for the first 2 weeks

Your eyes may swell, become red, or blur temporarily after surgery.

Drinking and smoking should be avoided for a month after surgery

Light eye makeup is recommended after 1 week to 10 days