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Representative surgeon Dr Park, Byungchoon

Graduated from Yonsei Medical school
Full member of Korean Society of Aesthetic Beauty
Full member of Korean Society for Stem Cell Research
Full member of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
Full member of Korean Society of Lipoplasty
Full member of Korean Society for ser Medicine and Surgery
Medical consultant for MBC Live Morning Today and Issue Magazine 2580
Former chief director of Lamar, Apgujong branch and Seoul National Univ., main office.

15 years of
Anti-aging research
First laser device ever
in Korea for dark circles.

Laprin clinic's anti-aging success has been highlighted by the media on many occasions

What is a dark circle?

Dark circle is a name for a condition where skin under your eyes looks dark. Membrane that envelops inner fats in lower lid gets weak due to aging, making fat bulge an d eyes to shadow. It also can appear dark as skin under eyes is so thin, exposing subcutaneous vein or disposition of melanin pigment

Types and treatments for dark circles

The first step in treatment is analyzing which problem you have for proper diagnosis

After making accurate diagnosis by apprehending internal condition of skin, treatment is proceeded
Due to the multiple causes of dark circles, proper diagnosis and treatment is highly important to correctly treat the symptoms.

Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

If you have fat in your lower lid, its skin gets thinner, making red muscle underneath more prominent This creates bulging, dark-red dark circles and shadows underneath your eye.


Lower Eyelid Fat Graft

If the dark circle is due to shadowing under sunken eyes, lipotransplant will lighten the dark portion of the lower lid as well as eliminate small wrinkles by expanding the skin.


Lower Eyelid Fat Reposition

When fat excessively builds on lower lid giving protrusion, it makes sunken region to have dent creating dark circles, replacing protruded fat below to correct the bulgy and sunken region at once. If build up of fat is not severe it is possible to correct with lower lid fat removal surgery.


When you need a non-surgical lower lid laser treatment

Dark circle may occur when skin in lower lid slouches and wrinkles or vessels in lower lid appears dark-red on skin. Treatment is possible by shrinking distended skin tissue and removing vessels by giving off Photona laser 2. It is suitable treatment for those who have concerns with surgery or those without severe dark circle that requires surgery.

Anti-aging history


Established Lamar clinic network


The first introduction of lifting and fat graft


The first introduction of non-surgical lifting thermage


The first introduction of stem cell extraction multistation


*Official alliance with immune disorder laboratory in Harvard Medical School *The first introduction of Smart prep Stem cell treatment


The first introduction of Clearlift, a painless lifting laser

Difference right from the start!

Vesalius resonance system

Core of Laprin’s
Quick Dark Circle surgery
Vesalius resonance
Core of complete
recovery in 3 days

What is a Vesalius?

State-of-the-art surgical excision, hemorrhage-control device

Traditional laser incision creates heat at temperatures of 250C to remove a tissue as well as stop hemorrhaging by coagulating vessels. Heat at these temperatures causes surrounding tissue to burn, which leads to postoperative pain, swelling and inflammation. This also causes longer recovery times. By using the Vesalius resonance device to make incisions, heat is kept at a maximum of 65C which leaves minimal damage to surrounding tissue, causes no hemorrhaging during surgery and leads to a surprisingly quick recovery.

Surgery making incision inside conjunctiva for dark circle surgery with Vesalius mircro-needle(diameter = 0.055mm)

You can see excision is being made without any hemorrhage

Ordinary electric and laser operation device

Burn and necrosis of tissue after making ordinary laser excision. Heat of about 250C

Recovery time
7~10 days

Ordinary electric and laser operation device

No sign of tissue damage after making excision with Vesalius Heat of about 65C

3 days Recovery,
No hemorrhage, no heat damage
Precision like no other!

Unicellular Lower Eyelid Fat Graft Device

Using ordinary Fat Graft device for Lower Eyelid

Other clinics use same type of cannula on lower eyelid fat graft. However the size of cannula is suitable for fat graft on forehead or cheek area, inducing bumpiness and swelling when used on thin layer of skin for fat graft on lower eyelid.

Special in Laprin only! What is Unicellular Lower Eyelid Fat Graft? ?

Significantly reduced uneven skin and swelling with use of micro-cannula (micro-injection) for 1~2 mm unicellular fat graft in lower eyelid

General cannula 1.2 mm

Laprin unicellular fine-needle 0.5mm

Before & After

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Dark circle revision surgery

Larpin is fast and accurate!

Improperly diagnosed dark circles are treated with cheaply performed corrective surgery, which can lead to negative side effects and unsatisfactory results as seen below. These results make revision surgery a necessity.

Dark circle revision surgery

When excessive liposuction inversely made lower lid darker and sunken

When fat is injected too much, making eyes look bulging.

When oblique wrinkle line prevails after a dark circle surgery

When lipo-rearrangement is performed unevenly, leaving lower lid uneven

When despite improval in dark circle, lower lid gets dark or red

When condition of dark circle hasn’t improved but deteriorated

Vesalius is the best in dark circle revision surgery

As dark circle revision surgery is performed on already damaged tissue, it must be proceeded with care and delicacy to obtain correction while minimizing tissue damage and hemorrhage.

Tissue damage
Skin burn
during operation

Dark circle revision surgery case in Laprin

When sunken wrinkle line persists even after lower lid cosmetic surgery as correction is not performed precisely.



Why Vesalius?

When already-damaged tissue gets damaged again due to revision surgery, more prominent swelling and bruise will occur than the first surgery, making recovery longer

Making incision with Vesalius

No bleeding is seen in incision
(bleeding is the cause of swelling and bruising)

Laprin makes incisions with Vesalius for fast recovery in 3 days, just like the first surgery.