Laprin Royal nose

Laprin Royal nose surgery

What is the newly upgraded Laprin Royal nose surgery with newly developed surgical technique?

It is a surgery that corrects the form of nose by injecting special string that has supportive strength, unlike nose plastic surgery that is performed through incision As it is performed within a short time of 5 minutes, it requires no admission an recovery and leaves almost no swelling, which enables client to see the surgery result spontaneously

Laprin Royal nose surgery achieves the form of nose in terms of nose angle, height of nose tip, and nose length by using specialized string which is harmless to human body and been proved of its safety over years. The difference from original Royal nose surgery is that if continual period of nose tip surgery has been 2 to 3 years, the upgraded Royal nose surgery brings a permanent result. Making a high nose tip line by pulling nose from middle to tip with string was first devised in Europe and is accustomed to nasal structure of Europeans, which posed difficulty in generalizing it in Korea.

Laprin has developed a method that changes anatomical structure of nose tip, enabling correction of button nose and slightly-crooked nose. Furthermore, since using a nasal filler has supplemented the short sustainment period,which is a shortcoming of nose surgery, you can enjoy favorable results regardless of recovery or payment

Why Laprin Royal nose surgery?

Can one simple procedure actually lift the nasal tip? Yes! Long-lasting filler plus a permanent nose tip treatment equals the perfect solution to original nose surgery.


Incision-free or minimal incision
(If nose tip is too low)

As procedure is performed without incision but just with injection, it leaves an opening in a size of needle, concealing any scars that may show up to the outside


Safe materials

Medical materials that have been proved for many years are used. Procedure is safe and effective by using a special string that has supportive power.


Fast return to everyday life

As there are no swelling, pain, bruise, you can return to everyday life without other time of recovery.


Customized procedure

Delicate correction and customized procedure on various aspects such as from nose tip to nose bridge, overall length of nose, unsymmetrical nose opening is possible.


Permanent nose tip procedure

With Laprin’s own procedure developed after deep studying of anatomic structure of nose tip, structure of nose tip can be transformed without big surgery, giving u that pretty and high nose tip.


Natural looks

With elastic material, it is so naturalthat u may not even tell if u received a procedure with your own hands

Isn't a perfect nose tip difficult to make without a surgical procedure?

Not with Laprin!

Some clients hesitate because nose plastic surgery is scary and can sometimes show little result. Conventional nose procedures insert scaffolder and pull the nose from the middle to the tip with string. This has difficulties in correcting a slight crooked nose, an unsymmetrical nostril, nose alar reduction and has a shortcoming of short maintenance time.
Laprin relentlessly studies anatomical structure of the nose and has developed Laprin’s own non-surgical nose tip cosmetic surgery. By slightly modifying the structure under the nose bridge, a simple procedure can shape your nose tip permanently.

Laprin Royal nose

permanent nose tip procedure

Laprin Royal nose

long term nose tip procedure

Do you want a long-lasting nose filler?

We use the Princess filler, a long-lasting premium Austrian filler


animal substance


natural HA hyaluronic acid


allergy test necessary

Laprin has used the best fillers in different body parts based on thousands of filler procedure experiences.
Princess filler is a premium filler that has 3D structure shaped as a web and has high viscosity, excellent sense of volume, and long maintenance period produced in an original Smart Manufacture.
Ordinary hyaluronic filler has short maintenance period of about 6 months, princess filler turns mucosal fluid into a gel by binding high-weighted molecules of hyaluronic acid with crosslinker mechasnism, which keeps the effect of filler at least a year. It is also a 100% natural HA filler that doesn’t use animal substance, which decreases chance of side effect and pain by using a special cannula for princess filler.

Isn't a perfect nose tip difficult to make without a surgical procedure?

Not with Laprin!


when your overall nose form is not so beautiful


When the length of the nose is short or the nose wing is steep


When you want to correct your nose without any other recovery period


If you want a natural nose thatcannot be sensed even with touching


If you are hesitating to get surgery due to fear or incision/implants

Royal nose bridge

Nose bridge corrected to ideal height

Nose bridge line corrected into a sleek contour

for button noses, extension of nose length

Royal nose tip

Nose tip corrected in balance to nose bridge

Reduction or shape correction of nose alar

Correction of unsymmetrical nose hole

Permanent nose tip cosmetic surgery

Royal nose procedure method

A special string, which is harmless to human body and has supportive strength, is injected into the nose in the desired region. This creates a beautiful nose shape fast and efficiently within 5 minutes

Specializing medical team will create design that best suits you.
Local anesthesia to nose
Correction into a nose shape that best suits you by injecting injecting a special string which is harmless to human body and has supportive strength.

With incision-free injection procedure, an ideal nose shape is achieved quickly

Uses harmless substance that has been proven safe. An incision-free method is used to be most effective and as quick as possible.

Laprin Royal nose procedure that supplements shortcoming of conventional injection procedure while reinforcing its strength can correct any region you desire including nose bridge, nose tip, nose alar by inserting special string with stronger supportive strength to regions necessary.

Royal Nose procedure Filler Implant
Procedure method incision-free method incision-free injection incision
Procedure duration 5 minutes 5~20 minutes 1~3 hours
Scar after surgery None None None
Swelling and bruise Minimal swelling and bruise Minimal swelling and bruise Swelling and bruise
Recovery Instant return to everyday activity Instant return to everyday activity At least 5~10 days
Maintenance time Nose tip: permanent with changes to anatomical structure
Nose bridge: semi-permanent 30~50% of effect maintained
Variable, depending on the product

Can vary from 6 months to 2 years depending on the product

Maintained semi-permanently with inserted implant
Natural look Material itself has elasticity, which cannot be detected with hand and gives a natural look If inserted inappropriately, it can give hard and unnatural sensation Can feel implant and if inserted inappropriately, it may give weird feeling
‘Royal nose’ is a service that is registed by Laprin hospital, thereby usage without consent or usage of a similar name can be held against law. If you find an illegal usage, please report to us.

Only in Laprin’s nose cosmetic surgery

Ideal nose perfected with the whole face in mind.


balanced golden line

We perform a surgery that considers not only the beauty of nose but also the balance and harmony with overall face. We create a line solid in every perspective, not only from the front but also from the sides.


solid and prominent face

Structural analysis and planning based on the whole face, not only thinking of nose line and angle, will complete your 3D and prominent face.


Facial reduction and baby face

Based on 1 on 1 diagnosis and scientific analysis, you can anticipate facial reduction and baby face effect from the surgery


permanent nose tip cosmetic surgery

Nose tip is hard to create a pretty line with a procedure. Laprin has studied anatomic structure of nose and developed a new permanent nose tip procedure. With a simple procedure, you can enjoy a permanent nose tip cosmetic surgery.

Laprin’s specialized nose cosmetic surgery system

Rich surgical experience of 13 years

Nose tip surgery using self-cartilage

Customized 1 on 1 surgery planning

1 on 1 safe anesthesia system


Knowing aftercare can make better results

Never rub or press the procedure site

Refrain from going to sauna, public bath, Jimjilbang after procedure

Avoid alcohol, smoking, and excessive workouts

Bruising and swelling after procedure will dissipitate after 3-4 days