Micro nano lipotransplant

What is Laprin nano llipotransplant?

Different types of fat are injected to each layers of dermis and epidermis, increasing success rate and volume!

It is new type of lipotransplant that heightens sucess by inserting two different types of fat, micro-fat and nano-fat, collected by Laprin’s original technique, in different layers of skin and creates improvement of small wrinkles and skin elasticity with stem cell growth factor.

Main point in Laprin nano lipotransplant

Why Laprin nano lipotransplant?

We challenge with a 99% success rate!

With surprising success rate, it is a natural look without over-injection!

Unlike ordinary lipotransplant, as Laprin nano lipotransplant has survival rate as high as 99%, it allows injection of fat appropriate for you for more natural and solid face. It is definitely different from general lipotransplant where excessive fat injection gives awkward and unnatural feeling during recovery.

Only adipose cell survives.

If fat is too big, vessel cannot grow, increasing risk of adipose cell necrosis

Survival rate is 20~30 % at average and volume and elasticity decreases as time passes

Laprin nano lipotransplant

Through fine fat, blood vessel grows and survival of fat cell is higher.

Average survival rate of 80~90% maintains volume and elasticity.

Different from fat collection!

Elaborate with unparalleled micro-fine cannula only in Laprin

Laprin’s cannula is very small needle with a thickness of about 1mm. After collecting fat from stomach and thigh with micro-fine cannula, we will collect different types of fat with our special know-how

As it is performed with a minute cannula with a thin injection needle, it leaves no scar and allows for a fast return to ordinary life without extra swelling and bruising.

General lipotransplant

Normal cannula

Delicate collection of fat is difficult, increasing risk of surrounding tissue damage and bleeding which are cause of swelling and bruise

Laprin nano lipotransplant

Micro-fine cannula

Delicate collection of fat is possible and surrounding tissue damage and bleeding are minimal, leaving no swelling and bruise after surgery

General lipotransplant

Obtained after size of adipose cell is minimized through the micro-hole of 1 mm in micro-fine cannula

Laprin nano lipotransplant

Extraction of nano-fat from micro-fat

Extracted micro-fat is run through injection at least 30 times, creating liquid nano-fat which its size is minimized.

Injection is also special!

Higher survival with scientific injection of different fat in different skin layer

Laprin injects 2 types of fat into different layers scientifically. Micro-fat consisting of adipose cells in minute size is injected to deep skin (dermis, subcutaneous fat layer, periosteum) to form tight volume and in epidermis, liquid fat is regularly injected for improvement of wrinkle and skin elasticity, making your skin younger.

Procedure that goes along with nano lipotransplant

Power V lifting

Fill volume with nano lipotransplant! Raise jaw line with Power V lifting Turn your face into elastic v line face at Laprin at once!

Chin liposuction that only removes adipose cell
Acusculf that melts fat fast and safe with laser
State-of-the-art elasticity laser for sagging skin
Deep chin remova of dense fat mass deep inside chin

Area applicable of nano lipotransplant

Surprising effect of Laprin nano lipotransplant


Immediately and naturally with no swelling

The biggest reason in hesitating lipotransplant? It is unnatural look due to excessive fat implant and unnatural complexion

Larpin nano lipotransplant transplants just amount of fat and is natural after surgery without swelling or bruises.

General lipotransplant

Lipotransplant of fat 2~3 times than the necessary considering the necrosis of fat

Weird impression and unnatural face due to symptoms like excessive volume and bruise during certain period

Laprin nano lipotransplant

Fat is injected as much it is needed

Natural-looking baby face as appropriate volume is formed in the desired area Surviving amount of fat


Clean and healthy without a wrinkle!

Laprin’s special nano-fat is injected close to epidermis along with stem cell growth factor

With lipotransplant, not filler, it can create a solid and three-dimensional and improve various types of wrinkle in the epidermis

Actual recipient of Laprin middle age surgery


Into younger and elastic skin!

Implant of near-liquid nano-fat and stem cell growth factor with cell regeneration effect after they are collected within the hospital. Elevation in skin elasticity with collagen regeneration

There are few hospitals that possess and use stem cell and growth factor extractor of high cost.

Automatic self-fat stem cell collection device
Stem cell growth factor collection system developed by Medical School of Harvard univ.
Most recent stem cell collection device that only 3 exists in the world
One stop system from liposuction to stem cell extraction
Conventional lipotransplant VS About 80~90%
About 20~30 % Success rate Applying the principle of non-excisional eyeline correction to lower lid, fixation of lower eyelid with natural healing without any excision
Since survival rate is low, fat is implanted 2~3 time-larger amount, making it unnatural after surgery Amount of transplanted fat Most of transplanted fat survives, so as only fat necessary is transplanted, it is natural after surgery
Macro fat with large particles Adipose cell Near-liquid nano-fat with almost no fat particle and micro-fat of minute size
Uneven skin or possible calcification where fats aggregate together Side effect As minute adipose cell is injected equally in each skin layer, small risk of side effect
3~5 days of recovery for swelling an bruise due to damage to skin and vessels Recovery Unnecessary extra recovery period with minimal bruise and swelling with minimal damage to skin and vessel
Volume and line to the depressed area Effect Not only formation of volume and line and improvement of elasticity and wrinkle in skin

Don’t take your chances by inexperienced surgeons!

Lipotransplant takes a diverse process from fat collection, refinement, and transplant.

Recently, lipotransplants have been done but unexperienced medical teams in low cost facilities which often creates side effects because of their lack of knowledge.


No unnatural

By injecting just amount of fat to individual, natural volume right after surgery


No unevenness

Smooth and elastic skin by injecting adequate fat to skin layer


No low survival and dismal effect

By injecting stem cell growth factor with fat, surprising survival rate of 99% and maintanence period


No calcification

Fine fat is injected in difference skin layers so that fat would bot aggregate.


No long and inconvenient recovery

Minimization of swelling, bruise, and recovery with delicate lipotransplant using super-fine cannula

Side effect from lipotransplant

Case 1
Lee, 22
Lipotranplant on zygoma and cheek to improve dark and old impression. Unnatural with severe swelling and bruise. Even after long recovery, large adipose cell did not survive properly, making almost no difference to result
Case 2
Park, 28
Overall facial lipotransplant for solid and complex face. Fat was not injected to proper skin layer and skin surface starts to turn red, become hot, and tickle. After checkout, inflammation to the cheek for too much implant of fat
Case 3
Kim, 32
Lipotransplant for curved and pretty forehead. Adhesion is proceeded without injecting large fat irregularly Even after 3 months, forehead is not smooth and uneven.
Case 4
Choi, 40
Lipotransplant on the whole face for fading facial fat from aging.Calcification caused by necrosis due toexcessive fat injection, calcium aggregation, and vessel dysgenesis induces a protrusion of cheek when smiling.

State-of-the-art lipotransplant system

Laprin lipotransplant with survival rate scientifically heightened with fast implementation and application of state-of-the-art device

Pure fat extraction device which its main feature is germ-free system
Automatic self-fat stem cell collection device
Smart prep
Stem cell growth factor collection system developed by Medical School of Harvard univ.
Cell bank system
It is the newest cryogenic containment system of world standard and enables long-term containment of stem cell and tissue needed in secondary lipotransplant
With system optimized to lipotransplant, more systemic and safe surgery is possible.
Fat collection
Adipose cell collection
Stem cell collection