Micro nano lipotransplant

Laprin’s power V lifting is different!

You can have slim face without having to cut bone.

For a perfect V line, dissolving excess fat with laser alone is not enough

Many people can have a slim face without having to cut bone. Also, if you have wide jaw bone, massive soft tissues (skin, muscle, fat) will make a square jaw even after cutting bone. If the jaw muscle is too developed, customized therapy like botox is recommended.

Laser transmits directly to fat and excretes dissolved fat into sweat and urine, which makes it most powerful laser. But when double jaw or cheek is too thick, performing facial liposuction and Acusculf simultaneously is an effective and sure way. Facial liposuction is comparatively complex surgery when compared to Acusculf.

Other hospitals have performed convenient Acusculf, but Laprin uses both facial liposuction and Acusculf and if necessary, also deep cheek removal. With such procedure, collagen is regenerated in the dermis, recovering skin elasticity and giving the perfect lift.

Removal of unnecessary fat with facial liposuction and Acusculf
Appliance of latest laser for elasticity
Deep cheek removal according to individual

We recommend to those


Who have too much fat to cheek, making face look round and big


Whose margin between neck and face is indistinctive from the side


who have normal body weight but also has double jaw due to excessive chin fat.


Who have excessive fat or aggregated fat after lipotransplant


Whose skin around cheek or neck is sagging after double jaw surgery or facial contour surgery

Laprin Power V lifting?

Laprin Power V lifting performs liposuction in the face with fine cannula for face, not with a thick cannula, minimizing swelling, bruise, and pain, which allows faster finding of the surgery outcome.

What is the difference between Acusculf and facial micro-liposuction?

With surprising survival, it is natural without over-injection!

Acusculf is a laser that dissolves fat. It does not remove adipose cell itself, but makes melted fat excrete in forms of sweat or urine to the outside. It does not decrease the number of adipose cell directly. In many cases, the pressure of swelling, bruise, and pain after surgery makes clients prefer laser

Acusculf VS Micro liposuction
Laser therapy Survival Surgery
Excreted through urine and sweat by dissolving adipose cell with laser Amount of transplanted fat Manual removal of adipose cell with fine cannula for face
Chance of residual fat Adipose cell Definite V line effect as unnecessary fat cell itself it gone.
Botox Facial contour surgery Power V lifting
Method Injected to the desired area Insertion or removal of bone Fine fat aspiration through minimal incision and laser for elasticity
Anesthesia Unnecessary Pain due to bone fracture General anesthesia
Pain None Pain due to bone resection None
Everyday life Possible immediately At least 1~2 weeks after Possible immediately
Maintenance period 6 months~ 1 month Permanent Semi-permanent
Aftercare No special management necessary Additional management necessary like fluid consumption, wearing lifter. No need for special treatment
Surgery effect Temporary V line effect due to reduced muscle Permanent V line effect due to boneresection and reduction Semi-permanent V line effect from fat removal and muscle lifting

Laprin’s know-how on Power V lifting

Laprin’s elasticity laser provided through professional skin treatment system is different

We provide outstanding procedure with customized laser using the latest devices

Perfect V line with customized surgery for your face!

Removal of deep cheek fat
Chin line Acusculf (double chin)
Skin elasticity laser
Deep cheek removal

Effect of Power V lifting

With one-time procedure, skin, fat, and muscle are improved at the same time, achieving slim and beautiful V line.


Removal of unnecessary fat

Safe and precise removal of unnecessary fat with micro facial liposuction


Weakening of excessive muscle

Weakens muscle that induces skin to sag, making facial line more beautiful


skin lifting

With elasticity laser, more definite skin lifting is acquired


Collagen remodeling

By facilitating collagen genesis, elasticity is recovered as time passes, showing definite improvement of skin

Power V lifting application areas

Power V lifting application areas


After sufficient consultation, surgery method suitable for you is determined


General anesthesia for safety


Removal of excess fat with micro liposuction


Short exposure of high-power elastic laser

+PLUS elasticity management service

Definite and systemic elasticity management! It is necessary for perfect V line

Laprin provides elasticity management service with professional manager after Power V lifting without additional fees. It prevents areas removed of fat tissue from unevenness and restores elasticity fast.

We provide customized therapy to your recovery status.
HR therapy
Negative pressure massage
Regeneration laser