Massive whole body liposuction

Excellent choice! Laprin massive liposuction and its outcome?

Actual client Park, 21

3 months after massive liposuction in arm/stomach/thigh

Reducing a lot of body fat with liposuction!

Laprin’s massive liposuction creates the most beautiful line from your body and reduces a lot of fat safely based on the excellent know-how of liposuction medical team

Stomach, arm, back, lovehandle, thigh, hip
Safe reduction of massive body fat!

Under 80kg

2 step whole body massive fat reduction

Step 1

Thigh 360
Step 2

Dress line + arm & breast side

Over 80kg

3 steps whole body massive fat reduction

Step 1

Thigh 360
Step 2

Dress line
Step 3

Dress line


What is dress line liposuction?

Laprin’s own premium upper body liposuction package creates a perfect upper body line without protruding fats when wearing a tight dress by performing liposuction in the entire stomach, sides, lower back, and lovehandle areas


Whole body massive liposuction, why does it have to be performed separately?

Most patients who are considering a whole body massive liposuction are over 60kg. Laprin limits fat reduction that can be made in a day to 5000~6000cc for safety. Removing too much fat at once or a prolonged surgery can slow recovery and create more risk of emergency situations for the patient. We perform customized liposuction on stomach, lower body, and arms, one by one, so that you may feel comfortable in your daily activities while reducing large amounts of fat.


Whole body massive liposuction, how is its recovery?

Under 80kg VS Over 80kg
Thigh 360 Step 1 Thigh 360
Recovery of lower body swelling Step 2
(1 weeks later)
Recovery of lower body swelling
Dress line + arm& side breast Step 3
(2 weeks later)
Dress line
Recovery of upper body 3 weeks later arm& side breast
Slim line 4 weeks later Recovery of upper body
5 weeks later Slim line

Liposuction science Laprin

State-of-the-art system
Liposuction medical team

Director Choi Young Hwan M.D

· Devised Non-Invasive Calf Reduction(NICR) in 2003
· Member of medical committee for 2006 Korean Astronaut Selection Program
· Visiting Professor in department of surgery, Konkuk Univ.
· Full member of Korean Society of Aesthetic Beauty
· Full member of Korean Society of Cosmetic surgery for Obese
· Full member of Korean Society for Obest Body Type
· Full member of Korean Society for Aesthetic Wellbeing
· Full member of Korean Society for Female Obesity Aging Prevention
· Director of Korean Therapy Chiropractic Association
· Director of Korean Complementary Alternative Medicine United Association

Channel A Docter Jivago [Two faces of fat]

Appearance by Director Choi, Younghwan (M.D.) as consultant

Liposuction, why Laprin?


Waterjet liposuction

Pain reduced!

The reason clients suffer pain after liposuction is that in liposuction, nerves and vessels are damaged in the process of collecting fat stuck in tissue. Waterjet liposuction sucks only adipose cell after separating adipose cell with other tissues with a powerful water jet method, inducing less pain to nerve and vessel

No unevenness!

Almost no unevenness which is the biggest side effect in liposuction by removing all fat layer after perfectly separating it from tissue

Fast recovery!

The most powerful strength of Waterjet liposuction is little bleeding Bleeding is the largest reason behind swelling, bruising, and long recovery. Other liposuction that uses standard lipometic damages other tissues in process of removing fat, inducing a lot of bleeding and longer recovery period, but Waterjet liposuction only removes adipose cell only and leaves less bleeding which hastes return to ordinary life.

Why Laprin Waterjet liposuction?

Strength of Waterjet liposuction

Almost no pain during the procedure
daily activity possible right after surgery with significantly small bruise and swelling
Massive liposuction possible over 6000cc
specilized medical team with more than 10 years of experience in liposuction
2 surgeries limitation is a day high satisfaction


Bodytight Liposuction

No sagging!

Bodytight is a latest high frequency liposuction device that only removes fat dissolved by two types of bipolar radiofrequency and stretches your sagging skin by generating collagen in dermis secondarily.

Strength of Bodytight liposuction

Removes cellulite!

Bodytight is equipped with high frequency emission system for body and can adjust treatment depth from 5 to 50mm, which makes removal of hard cellulite possible

Consistent lifting

After procedure, immediate skin constriction occurs and until 6 months, collagen remodeling occurs, keeping lifting effect going.

Liposuction using Bodytight

below is a housewife in her 40's after giving birth to 2 children. The fat in the lower stomach and upper stomach has been removed and lifted, making the stomach almost flat.


3 Months After


3D Vectra surgery simulation system

Predict post-surgery!

Vectra is the end-of-the-line 3D simulation device manufactured by “Kenfield”, a U.S imaging device manufacturer, which is used in cosmetic surgery of body shape like liposuction and breast cosmetic surgery.

Features of Vectra

Checking the smallest details with scientific measurement that are difficult to confirm with bare eyes
Correct diagnosis and precise surgery planning possible based on measurements
Prediction of body shape after surgery
Alleviation of client satisfaction
Giving up liposuction because of side effect?

6 things you can see in only Laprin’s premium liposuction center that can overcome side effects

Prevention of scarring from the start of surgery
With specially designed fine liposuction cannula, prevents scarring from the start of surgery and laser after surgery to prevent scarring
Thorough infection prevention system
Thorough infection prevention system starting from thorough sterilization of instruments to Laprin’s proud germ-free operating room that controls temperature and humidity
Real time monitoring
For patient’s safety, ECG, respiration, blood oxygen level, body temperature, blood pressure are checked in real time over the course of surgery. Cutting edge monitoring device is furnished in every operating room.
Skilled liposuction medical team
The medical team specializing in liposuction with high level of technique and aesthetic sense to recognize the beauty of body shape
Emergency rescue system
Emergency devices like AED and powerless electric power system, are prepared in every operating room to react precisely and quickly to emergencies that can occur despite thorough tests performed before test
No more empty-worded aftercare
Customized aftercare program like powerful radiofrequency, ultra sonar, and Accentultra

State-of-the-art safety system focusing on client’s safety

Introduction of the latest body temperature sustainment unit used in university medical centers! Safety of our client is most important

Bair-Hugger body temperature sustainment unit!

Perfect way to prevent hypothermia that can occur during long surgery time! Appropriate body temperature is maintained with the latest Bair-Hugger body temperature sustainment unit. With this unit we are fundamentally preventing hypothermia that may occur during long surgery. We, Laprin liposuction center using body temperature sustainment unit, abate the post-surgery discomfort and enables faster recovery by sustaining the best condition during surgery.

Fundamental prevention of emergencies like hypothermia

Sustainment of best condition during surgery

Minimization of swelling, pain, bruising with fast and effective surgery and reduction of recovery time