Bodytight liposuction

What is Bodytight liposuction?

It can remove hard cellulite and give skin tightening effect by inducing collagen generation in skin dermis.

It is a liposuction method using Bodytight device, which performs suction and skin tightening simultaneously by using high radiofrequency of sandwich tightening method unlike ordinary liposuction. When performing surgery, temperature, depth of surgery, power of surgery can be checked continuously with surgery monitoring and removes adipose cells selectively dissolved by two bipolar RF.

Definite improvement of body shape and consistent skin lifting effect
Simultaneous removal of fat and cellulite
Significantly faster recovery compared to other liposuction
No side effects after liposuction including sagging skin, uneven line

What body parts are eligible for Bodytight surgery?

With precise surgery, many parts like stomach, thigh, arm, and cellulite can be operated simultaneously.

Laprin liposuction incision site

No-scar liposuction!

Laprin does not expose surgery mark with internal skin suture and require suture removal after surgery

Incision in other hospitals

Incision site in Laprin

Laprin’s Bodytight liposuction is unique!

It considers not only removing fat but also increasing elasticity, which can achieve a satisfactory result.

Bodytight is equipped with high frequency emission system for body and can adjust treatment depth from 5 to 50mm, which makes removal of hard cellulite possible After procedure, immediate skin constriction occurs and collagen remodeling occurs until 6 months, making you able to feel the consistent tightening effect.

Laprin Bodytight Liposuction

Fast recovery and safe liposuction
Bodytight with world’s first bipolar radiofrequency method performs coagulation of vessel, liquidation of fat and skin tightening. As radiofrequency is transmitted through internal and external electrode, dramatic result may be obtained with only one treatment and as it is proceeded with minimal excision and local anesthesia after general anesthesia, it has less bruise, swelling, bleeding after surgery and significantly faster recovery than other liposuctions.
Perfect fat reduction + skin tightening
By transmitting safe and controlled radiofrequency, fat, blood vessel, fiber fragments and collagen in dermis are contoured in more regularly way. Bodytight has excellent skin tightening and body tightening, which is very effective to those with sagging skin after liposuction or with less elastic skin.
No side effect of liposuction
Bodytight is a high frequency emission system that can adjust treatment depth from 5 to 50mm. As delicate procedure is possible with Bodytight, it can alleviate side effects that occur commonly after liposuction like uneven line, imbalance of upper, lower, right, left body, skin adhesion, and sagging skin.

General liposuction vs Bodytight liposuction

General liposuction VS All body parts and small areas of face
Large area like hip, thigh, stomach Operable areas Collection within 15 minutes
Suction after destroying adipose cell with sonar and oscillation Surgery methods Suction after dissolving fat by transmitting RF to inside and outside of fat layer
Semi-permanent Maintenance period Semi-permanent
Contour improvement Effect Contour improvement, lifting and tightening, cellulite removal
Simple liposuction Features Small risk of side effect, significantly reduced recovery time than other liposuction

Laprin’s liposuction device and instruments

We own state-of-the-art devices for more safe and efficient liposuction and perform liposuction based on constructive planning depending on personal body shape and treatment area

Human engineering 3D Vectra body shape imaging test system

Laprin lipotranplant center can provide perfect body analysis with 3D human engineering 3D Vectra body shape imagaing system which is hard to come by in a regular hospital. Furthermore, we use cosmetic surgery simulation to predict the outcome of surgery

Features of Vectra surgery simulation system

Simultaneous 3D imaging

The image is taken in 3 directions simultaneously, in regions where it could not be identified by the normal imaging, so it can be studied, which allows analysis of problems in body shape unrecognizable with bare eyes.

Prevention of scarring from the start of surgery
With specially designed fine liposuction cannula, prevents scarring from the start of surgery and laser after surgery to prevent scarring
Thorough infection prevention system
Thorough infection prevention system starting from thorough sterilization of instruments to Laprin’s proud germ-free operating room that controls temperature and humidity
Real time monitoring
For patient’s safety, ECG, respiration, blood oxygen level, body temperature, blood pressure are checked in real time over the course of surgery. Cutting edge monitoring device is furnished in every operating room.
Skilled liposuction medical team
The medical team specializing in liposuction with high level of technique and aesthetic sense to recognize the beauty of body shape
Emergency rescue system
Emergency devices like AED and powerless electric power system, are prepared in every operating room to react precisely and quickly to emergencies that can occur despite thorough tests performed before test
No more empty-worded aftercare
Customized aftercare program like powerful radiofrequency, ultra sonar, and Accentultra
No more empty-worded aftercare
Customized aftercare program like powerful radiofrequency, ultra sonar, and Accentultra

State-of-the-art safety system focusing on client’s safety

Introduction of the latest body temperature sustainment unit used in university medical centers!Safety of our client is most important.

With this unit we are preventing hypothermia from occurring during long surgeries. We, Laprin liposuction center, using the body temperature sustainment unit, abate the post-surgery discomfort and enables faster recovery by sustaining the best condition during surgery.


3D-Vectra body shape imaging test

Your body shape will be thoroughly analyzed with a specialized imaging device in 3D


Cosmetic surgery simulation

With 3D imaging, achievable result is analyzed in multi-dimension for more accurate prediction of surgery outcome


Self-diagnosis system

It increases speed and precision of test by establishing self-diagnosis system

1 on 1 consultation
Medical team and surgical team specializing in liposuction makes thorough surgery plan in meeting and perform systematic surgery, completing more beautiful body line
Professional anesthesia team
For more safe execution of surgery, we are operating an anesthesia team consisting of anesthesia specialist. Professional anesthesia nursing personnel stays in hospital 24/7 and with the latest monitoring device that can check patient’s status in real time allows safer surgery
Aesthetic sense of medical team
We will predict the body line most suitable for you with the aesthetic sense of our medical team. We will achieve ideal and beautiful body line with no only surgery area but also overall harmony in mind.
Thorough aftercare
Laprin owns many latest aftercare devices for more perfect aftercare. We provide treatment appropriate to your recovery status and surgical area to prevent swelling, bruise, and tissue sagging and obtain more satisfactory result.