No-scar Philtrum correction

What is philtrum correction?

Correction impacts your face more than you think. Worried about a scar? Let Laprin ease your fears!

Philtrum has a great influence on whole facial image depending on length, width, and indentation. If philtrum is too long, the face looks larger and if is too short, it gives the face a dull look. Laprin’s philtrum correction is different from the traditional philtrum surgery, which leaves a scar under nose or over lip. Laprin's surgery efficiently reduces philtrum length with minimal incision through the inside of the nose, leaving no exposed scars. Furthermore, it is possible to create solid and feminine lipe line Effective philtrum reduction makes face look smaller and gives you baby face

Average philtrum length of Asian

Asians tend to have a longer philtrum and a larger size face. Also those with long philtrums tend to have a thin upper lip. Over time, lips get thinner and the philtrum gets flat due to bone degeneration and fading elasticity. Wrinkled, flat lips show signs of aging as well as other side effects such as UV deterioration and smoking. In this case, the overall look of the face is elongate and sagging making you appear older than you are.

Ideal length of philtrum

If philtrum is too long or short, face may lack 2% of beauty on the whole When philtrum is relatively long, face looks longer or older, giving lethargic look. The most ideal ratio of philtrum is when ratio between length of philtrum and length of jaw is 1 : 2. Average length of philtrum is 1.6 ±.24cm in male and 1.47 ± 0.24 cm in female

Ideal philtrum shape

Main point in philtrum correction

As philtrum that plays an important role of supporting nose in the center of face and raising the shape of lips is the bridge between nose and mouth, length of philtrum, dent of philtrum and smooth contour to the nose is important.


Philtrum reduction

Smaller face and baby face with philtrum reduction without bone surgery

Length of philtrum is very important in face. Ideal length of philtrum is 1/3 of length between nose and tip of jaw. If philtrum is too long, length of philtrum is reduced by making incision inside nose to prevent scarring.


When your nose tip is uplifted, making philtrum look longer

When your nose tip is upturned, making the philtrum looks longer, the tip of the nose must be lowered with nose surgery and then the philtrum reduction should be performed.


When philtrum is too long

If the length of philtrum is too long, it can be reduced with Laprin’s revolutionary surgery technique that does not make incision at nose or upper lip. The surgery reduces length of philtrum and creates attractive upper lip line.


If philtrum is drooping after double jaw surgery

In many cases, philtrum becomes longer after double jaw surgery. By reducing the length of jaw bone, but the additional skin, the philtrum appears longer. After double jaw surgery, when your philtrum is long and sagging, this surgery is needed in order to achieve the perfect face length.

Laprin's philtrum surgery surpasses the shortcomings found in conventional reduction surgery

Laprin avoids making incisions on the lip line and instead performs the philtrum reduction through a small incision inside the nose.

In any surgery, however minimal its incision is, one must bear to have a few scar from incision of lip line or nose which is exposed on the surface of face. In case of philtrum surgery, a scar, however subtle, is more concerning than other areas and becomes individual’s complex

Laprin performs philtrum correction without making incision on skin under nose and upper lip margin, which makes no scar. With surgery method unmatched by any other surgeries and suture technique, no scar is exposed by making incision inside nose and after surgery, removal of suture is unnecessary, which makes recovery very short.

Before & After no-scar philtrum correction


philtrum elongation

Fix that gum exposure when smiling!

When smiling, if too much gum area is exposed between the upper lip and upper teeth (more than 3mm) and the philtrum is relatively short, the elongation of the philtrum is necessary. Botox or fascia-lowering surgery can improve this extra gum exposure by an incision inside mouth, so there is no visible scarring.


Philtrum crest/fossa reconstruction

3 common shape of philtrum in Asian

There are 3 types of philtrum for Asian; triangular line that gets wider to the bottom, and Trapezoid line that has wide width on the whole, and wide and parallel parallel line. If shape of philtrum does not go with overall shape of face or harmonize, philtrum correction can bring out the most ideal shape of philtrum.

Make your dull philtrum clear and exquisite!

When the shape and dent of philtrum are not adequate, it gives the face an overall larger appearance. When the crest next to the middle of philtrum is flat, philtrum crest reconstruction gives it volume. When the middle of philtrum is flat, it makes the gum appear to protrude. The fossa reconstruction creates a natural curve in the philtrum.

Other surgeries that go well with philtrum correction

When you need more overall improvement!

For perfect lip line

When philtrum is long and the lip is thin, the philtrum reduction is not enough. When lips are lacking volume and the corners begin to decline your face appears older. A combination philtrum correction and lip volume surgery is the perfect combination to make your face look its youngest.

Go to Lip corner correction

Achieving the perfect facial profile

Line of philtrum and lip is in close relation to nose, and nose can create a perfect side line when it is in harmony with line of forehead and jaw. When you want ideal ratio and perfect side line, lipotransplant, nose surgery, and jaw implant will create better results

Laprin know-how

Unparelleled know-how of Laprin on philtrum correction

Philtrum correction is recommended


When your philtrum is too long, making you look old


When your philtrum length is unflattering


When your philtrum is too short, exposing too much of gum


When philtrum is too thick, making your lip protrude


When you want to improve the flat gum into clearer state


When you want a lip with good volume


When your philtrum got longer after dental correction or double jaw surgery


A cold compress should be applied after surgery to help prevent swelling

No force should be applied to surgery site for 2-3 months

Saunas/workouts that induce high sweat levels should be avoided

Do not pull down on upper lip

If there is sebum excretion, a prescription to control this should be taken post surgery.

No drinking or smoking for 4 weeks post surgery

Professional lip surgery system

Sufficient surgery experience and know-how

Customized 1 on 1 surgery plan

1 on 1 safe anesthesia system

After surgery, you must not pull your upper lip downward

Thorough aftercare