Lip corner correction

What is lip corner correction?

Though lip corner is a small area, it gives significant influence to overall facial image.

However pretty your face is, drooping lip corners create a depressed impression, making your facial expression dull. Lip corner correction gives an excellent improvement into a positive image.

Ideal lip corner line

An ideal lip corner is when the lip crease curves up gently like a wave. It creates an overall attractive impression that makes anyone’s facial structure more pleasing.

Minimization of scarring in lip corner correction

Minimization of scarring in lip corner correction

The biggest concern in people who want to have lip corner correction is the scar left at lip corner and awkward lip line. Surgery unconditionally raises the lip corner to create a big smile in the lip but with no expression in other facial parts. Raising the lip corner corrects overall facial expression, distribution of facial fat, and the structure to create a natural lip line

Unparalleled know-how of Laprin on lip corner correction

Thorough surgery
that takes skin condition
into account
Natural lip line
by controlling muscle
Minimization of
scarring with micro-suture
Short recovery from
distinct surgery know-how
Systemic and thorough
management of scarring
after surgery

Lightening of lip corner so that it could be raised easily with removal of fat and muscle that presses down both corner of lip.


Weakening of depressor muscle that pulls down lip corner strongly from under


Strengthening of upper levitator muscle so that lip could be raised easily after studying bone structure and muscle structure so that facial expression and lip corner could be smoothly connected

Lip corner surgery is recommended for those


who have concern on their unpleasing impression before employment or interview


who have awful smile


who look old from drooping lip corner due to aging


who have declining lip corner from birth


who are in service business that requires good smile


who want good impression from the perspective of physiognomy


Who want to improve image naturally without hint of surgery