Mini- double jaw surgery

What is Laprin mini-double jaw surgery?

When there is a functional problem due to improper occlusion, double jaw surgery is performed to correct this problem. But when occlusion is right, correction doesn’t have to be conducted with double jaw surgery. You can avoid inconvenient correction treatment, high cost, and long and painful recovery. Laprin mini-double jaw surgery does not remove bone, but instead balances it through adjustment of ratio and length of jaw and improvement of imbalance. Basically, harmless implant proven medically is inserted to nasolibial fold and tip of jaw and other procedure may be performed for a more perfect result.

Unlike dangerous and troublesome double jaw surgery, similar effect may be achieved with low cost and convenient surgery. After surgery, long and painful recovery is unnecessary as daily activity is possible and as we use authentic implants proven of its safety, there is almost no side effects.

Why Laprin mini-double jaw surgery?

Fast and convenient surgery

Double jaw surgery is necessary when there is technical dysfunction due to malocclusion. When occlusion is right, balance and ratio of face can be corrected with faster and convenient surgery without painful and costly double jaw surgery.

Laprin improves protruding lip and short chin and completes balanced face with mini-double jaw surgery that inserts implant, without the inconvenient processes like bone resection or correction. It gives same amount of effect just like having a double jaw surgery with low cost. It is an effective surgery that allows fast return to daily life without painful recovery.

Short surgery duration

Discharge at the day of surgery

less pain

low cost

rapid recovery

Safety without side effect

Threre are different types of implant and their characteristics vary. Size, type, and form of the implant is selected and used based on individual’s current status, irritation, sensation

Laprin uses harmless, authentic implants which have been proven safe over the years, which allows safe surgery without concerns about side effects. As the most appropriate method is selected with consultation with professional medical team and scientific preoperative analysis, a satisfying surgical outcome is guaranteed.

Artificial implant (Silicon, Goretex)
Insertion of medical implant in a design fitted for shape of the area to be inserted
Transplanting own fat as necessary after collection and refinement
Implanting dermis collected between skin and muscle to desired area in multi-layers.

Correction of protruding lip and short chin without bone surgery

Larin improves protruding lips and short chin without resecting bone while improving overall symmetry and ratio of face. You can feel more younger, smaller and more solid face. For more perfect effect, complex application is possible with various surgery techniques, depending on cases.

When resecting bones of upper jaw and lower jaw, severe pain and long recovery follows unconditionally. Also, food cannot be consumed until the resected bone are conjoined and ordinary life activities are impossible

Double jaw surgery VS Mini-double jaw surgery
Resections in both upper jaw and lower jaw Bone resection Bone resection unnecessary
Gerneral anesthesia Anesthesia General and local anesthesia
High cost Cost 1/10 of double jaw surgery
Necessary Admission Unnecessary
- Impossible uptake of food for a certain amount of time
- Severe pain
- Long recovery period necessary until return to ordinary life
Daily life and recovery - Daily life possible right after surgery
- Minimal pain
- Short recovery
Risk of various side effects like decreased sensation, disabled jaw movement, massive bleeding, and tinnitus Side effect Almost none
- Correction of malocclusion
- Correction of protruding lip and short chin
- Improvement of facial balance and ratio
Effect - Correction of protruding lip and short chin
- Improvement of facial balance and ratio