Stem cell petit surgery

What is Laprin stem cell petit surgery?

Simultaneous injections safe hyaluronic acid filler and stem cell extracted from your own fat! Improves collagen tissue and skin tone! No maintenance required for 2 years!

It is a new-type of minimal surgery that supplements short term maintenance and insufficient volume of original filler by injecting Laprin’s own special complex filler. This filler provides lipotransplant consisting of hyaluronic acid filler and stem cell. As Laprin extracts stem cell from fat with its latest stem cell system and injects it with filler, it is more efficient in volume, elasticity, skin tone, and maintenance.

What is fat stem cell?

Cell within adipose cell with power to differentiate into various type of human tissue



Automatic cell division depending on situations


Homing effect

Regeneration of damaged body part


pluripotency cell

Ability to differentiate into various tissue and organ.

Applicable areas of stem cell petit surgery

Laprin minimizes scarring with by using expert lifting techniques acquired over the years and makes incisions that result in a more natural facial expression.

Lifting point that pulls skin may greatly change the result of surgery. When making incision within hairline, sideburn moves upward & downward, making side face larger and the eye tail higher. It can give unnatural feeling or awkward expression

Strength of stem cell petit surgery

Almost no side effects with pure HA filler

Better maintenance period than ordinary HA fillers

Supplements the shortcomings of standard fillers

Minimization of irritation with premium filler

Improvement of wrinkles

Natural volume

Facilitation of collagen generation with stem cell

Improvement in skin tone, texture, and elasticity

Daily activities possible immediately

Know-how on stem cell petit surgery

Disposable cannula customized for area/individual
Laprin uses various types of disposable cannula By using the cannula appropriate to individual character or features of surgical area, best result is obtained
Minimization of swelling, bruise, and pain with round cannula
Normal needle are easily exposed to long-lasting bruise and swelling and can induce bleeding. The long and thin cannula used in Laprin minimizes pain in surgery and skin damage, decreasing bruise and swelling of patient after surgery.
Know-how of professional medical team
We predict symptoms that may appear on skin during filler injection, conducts precise and definite filler procedure, and do not make over-injection that has risk of side effect. Also, all medical staffs receive filler education and conduct research. With know-how from tremendous clinical experiences, we will provide satisfactory results

General filler vs Stem cell filler

General filler VS Laprin stem cell filler
Hyaluronic acid Filler substance Hyaluronic acid + fat stem cell
Temporary volume Volume Excellent in improving volume, elasticity, and skin tone
Stable Stability Stable
6 months Maintenance period Over 1 year
Comparatively easy procedure Note Difficulty to perform if hospital does not have professional stem cell system or is not experienced in injecting filler.


For a day after surgery, you must not rub or touch the are too much
Injected filler may receive bad influence, so please do not smoke or drink
Refrain from sauna or excessive workout for about a week
Swelling or bruise may appear on the injection spot and it naturally goes away after 1~3 days

Laprin easy stem cell system

Stem cell cosmetic surgery, it doesn’t need to be expensive and complicated.


Korea’s finest Laprin premium germ-free system

Laprin selects and performs the most appropriate excision lifting after performing state-of-the-art 3D Antera imaging for scientific analysis of the skin.

Variation of skin is very adverse in different individuals. Lifting is most effective when chosen after precise understanding of the recipient’s status lik skin elasticity and wrinkle

Air shower
Before going into germ-free operating room, all the dusts on the surface of cloths are removed with air shower
Germ free lab/ Sterile Q.C system
Medical team with the best cell treatment know-how conducts stem cell count test and contamination test in the finest environment.
Germ-free operating room
Equipped with air exhaustion system that locks all the contaminated air of outside. Minimizes contamination of stem cell
State-of-the-art cryogenic preservation system
Tissue and cell are preserved for long-term with cryogenic preservation of global standard
Cell counting
Stem cell is counted with cell counting device that can show the number of stem cells in a number and we provide a service for clients of checking his/her own stem cell count and keeping the result.
Normal cold preservation (-20 C)

Ordinary electric and laser operation device

Only adipose cell survives.

High risk of cellular damage and contamination Collected cells can’t differentiate due to damage

Laprin cell bank system

All stems survive

After establishing Cell Bank System, preservation at -196C CBS application + cryogenic preservation prevents cellular damage and contamination Sustainment of the first complete stem cell


Reduction of time and surgery cost in stem cell collection

Lab research who performs valid number check and stem cell contamination test with germ-free Q.C system separates stem cell

12 minutes to collecting stem cell!

Simplification of stem cell collection, it is know-how of Laprin easy stem cell system

There are few hospitals that can actually perform stem cell therapy properly. Laprin owns state-of-the-art device for stem cell therapy and conducts safe and efficient treatment by processing all procedures of cell separation and cell treatment

Conventional stem cell VS Laprin east stem cell
Takes over 1 hour Cell collection time Collection within 15 minutes
High cost Cost Comparatively cheap
Few hospitals possess in-house system. Separation of stem cell may be continued outside Stem cell confirmation Possession of internal germ-free system and expensive stem cell device Can proceed stem cell separation in-house
Impossible to count cell Cell count Confirmation of cell count with cell-counting and notification of amount of fat used in therapy and effective cell count test sheet
Use of chemicals depending on the case Use of chemical No chemical used
Contaminated to general environment Safety Safe conduction without exposure with one-stop germ free system
Decreased cell efficiency due to absence of a professional Professional In-house professional in biomechanics who is trained in cell treatment
Cell preservation impossible Cryopreservation Long-term preservation of tissue and cell with cryogenic preservation of global standard
Dismal effect due to small amount of cell Effect Maximization of effect with maximum cell injection and repetitive injection


Stem cell cooperation system consisting of professional medical doctors


Chief Director, Park, Byungchoon

Stem cell treatment and sugery must be performed in delicate surgery. Laprin conducts surgery that maximizes effect of stem cell based on many studies.


Chief Director, Park, Byungchoon

Skill of medical team is as much important as stem cell collection from fat

Stem cell treatment and sugery must be performed in delicate surgery. Laprin conducts surgery that maximizes effect of stem cell based on many studies.


One-Stop system

All the processes of stem cell liposurgery is safely conducted in a germ-free room system connected in one.


Removal of all dusts and germs before entering operating room


Germ-free operating room over 100 pyung, minimizing infection.


Contamination check of collected cell Germ culture test
*Implant of cells proven of their safety.


3 CELL separation device CLASS 100 Hz Safe cell treatment/cryogenic preservation


Stem cell nano-lipotransplant guarantees a youthful look!

Conventional laser incisions creates high heat of 250 C to remove a tissue or stop hemorrhage by coagulating vessels. High heat as such can bring burns to surrounding tissue, which induces postoperative pain, swallowing, and inflammation and leads to longer recovery. Incision with Vesalius resonance device uses low heat of 65 C and special wave, leaving minimal damage to tissue and no hemorrhage during surgery and makes time of recovery surprisingly fast. It is most recommended for those in middle age who are concerned of excessive bleeding and long recovery time from incision.

Surgery making excision inside conjunctiva for dark circle urgery with Vesalius mircro-needle(diatmeter = 0.055mm)

You can see excision is being made without any hemorrhage
Huricell stem cell automatic extractor
It is an automatic self-fat stem cell extractor and can collect stem cell and adipose cell from fat tissue, reducing damage and contamination of cell.
Unistation stem cell collection
It is a state-of-the-art stem cell collection device that allows self-cell treatment including fat stem cell, PRP, and fat refinement with only one device
It collects stem cell growth factor from blood and bone marrow, which can be used from aesthetic Surgery to treatment of disease
It can be performed in one-stop from liposuction to stem cell eparation with complete external obstruction system.
It is called in ‘Mini Lab’ with germ-free as its feature and collects only fat.
It is a liposuction device in water jet which minimizes tissue damage and selectively removes adipose cell.
Lipometic EVA air
Selectively destroys adipose cell with oscillatory wave energy in a short time and gives permanent and sure results
It drastically supplements skin sagging by transmitting high radiofrequency through internal and external electrode. It can perform liposuction and tissue tightening at the same time
It is a convenient therapy that melts fat with plasma ray, which melts fat in 360 degrees with a thin cannula thickness of a needle
It is appropriate for area that requires precise and delicate liposuction and when performed on face, you may anticipate lifting
Microair is a fine resonance liposuction device with 2mm of oscillation width in aspiration cannula. It can minimize burn or tissue damage.
Vectra 3D body shape analysis device
It is a professional imaging device with 3D image that thoroughly inspects body shape.